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Direct your tax assessment to support your Catholic Schools

Catholic Ratepayers have the unique opportunity to choose to declare their support designation for Catholic Education. When you designate your tax support for Catholic Schools, you are sending the government a powerful message. You are making your voice heard in support of Catholic Education—a right of Catholics in Ontario for over 150 years.


Why is it still so important that I designate my taxes to the Catholic School Board?

Now more than ever, it is essential that all partners in Catholic Education work together to demonstrate in a tangible way, their commitment to and belief in Catholic Education and in the protection and preservation of our educational system. One way to do this is by ensuring that your school tax support is designated English-Separate.


How do I redirect my taxes to support Catholic Schools?

If you are:

  •  A sole owner or tenant and you are a Roman Catholic
  • One of 2 joint owners or tenants of your home and both of you are Roman Catholic

You need to complete the Direction of School Support Form


If you are:

  • One of 2 joint owners or tenants of your home, but only one of you is a Roman Catholic

You need to complete the following forms


Did you know that ...

  • In order to vote for separate school trustees in your municipal elections, you must be a separate school supporter
  • Every time you change your residence, your tax support defaults to English-Public
  • If you are a tenant and do not pay property tax, you still have the right to direct the education portion of the taxes for your residence to English-Separate.
  • If you are one of two joint owners/tenants of your home where only one is a Catholic, you must complete a separate school Assessment Lease in order to re-direct your taxes.
  • Under legislation you must be Catholic in order to designate your tax support to English-Separate.


If you have any questions about re-directing your taxes or need assistance in regards to the completion of the tax support forms, please contact the St. Clair Catholic District School Board, Planning & School Business Support Services, at 519-627-6762 or e-mail.

Thank you for your support