Province Approves $17 Million in Funding for New Catholic Elementary School and Child Care in Sarnia

The Ministry of Education has approved $14,371,913 in funding for a new Catholic elementary school in Sarnia.  A further $2,672,104 has also been approved for a child care facility at the new school.

"We are very pleased with this tremendous announcement from the Government of Ontario," says John Van Heck, Chair of the Board.  "This is fantastic news for the Catholic school communities of Gregory A. Hogan and Sacred Heart in Sarnia."

The money will be used to build a new French Immersion school, to accommodate the ever-growing population currently housed at Gregory A. Hogan.  With the transition of French Immersion students to the new school, the Sacred Heart population will move to the facility at Gregory A. Hogan, which has recently been extensively upgraded and refurbished.  As a result, both school communities will occupy state-of-the-art facilities that are the right size for their student populations.

“Once again we are pleased to partner with our friends at London Bridge and the County of Lambton, as together we work to provide excellent quality child care for the families who will be served by this brand new school community,” says Deb Crawford, Director of Education.

The new school will include six child care classrooms with 88 child care spaces.

Timing for construction is not yet finalized; however, a best case scenario would be that the school would be ready for occupancy by September 2020. 

The Board will now begin to pursue options for obtaining property in a location that best suits St. Clair Catholic’s French Immersion families.