When parents/guardians have a concern or suggestion, it is expected that they will speak directly to the person with whom the issue has arisen – for example, the staff member or principal. If the matter is not resolved, they should proceed to the next level in the supervisory chain of responsibility.

Step One – speak to the staff member;

Step Two – speak to the Principal;

Step Three – speak to the Superintendent of Education.

It is expected that most matters will be resolved before they reach the Superintendent.

All concerns from parents must be addressed in a civil and respectful manner.  Profane or aggressive language, in phone calls, emails, texts or any other method of communication, will not be tolerated and will result in the communication being terminated.

The Role of the Principal – The principal will involve the staff member in any discussions with the parent. The principal may request that concerns be put in writing and may involve others in the process, who may be helpful in resolving the concern.

The Role of the School Council – The school council is not a forum to discuss parent-teacher-student issues. If these matters are brought to any school council member, or any school council meeting, the concern is to be referred immediately to the principal, who will ensure the proper process is followed.

All other school-related concerns and suggestions, which do not involve a staff member, should be directed to the school principal. Concerns which arrive anonymously cannot be investigated sufficiently; therefore, anonymous complaints or concerns will not be addressed.

Effective use of these communication guidelines will result in the fair and timely resolution of concerns.