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Canadian Catholic School Trustees' Association Blog Features St. Clair Catholic Thoughtexchange Community Consultation 

The Canadian Catholic School Trustees' Association (CCSTA) recently interviewed Director of Education Deb Crawford regarding St. Clair Catholic's Thoughtexchange community consultation. By using the online tool, more than 2,300 participants... read more
Mar 08, 2019

St. Vincent Catholic School Lenten Project Supports Salvation Army and St. Agnes Soup Kitchen 

Throughout the year, students and staff at St. Vincent Catholic School have been learning about homelessness in Chatham-Kent. Now, they're putting their learning into action. After reading about homelessness in Canada, the Grade 8 students... read more
Mar 08, 2019

Holy Trinity Students Enjoy 'Breakfast of Champions' with Sarnia Sting and Imperial Employees 

Players for the Sarnia Sting and Sarnia Imperial employees recently visited Holy Trinity Catholic School to cook breakfast for more than 200 students. "What was a tremendous thrill it was for our students to meet and speak with players from the... read more
Mar 08, 2019

Canada Learning Code Visits St. Clair Catholic Elementary Schools 

The Canada Learning Code, a national coding organization, is visiting five St. Clair Catholic elementary schools this week. Coding is the process that makes it possible to create computer software, apps and websites. "We are excited to invite the ... read more
Mar 05, 2019

Students from Holy Rosary and St. Philip Catholic Schools Experience the Trades 

Grade 8 students from Holy Rosary Catholic School, Wyoming and St. Philip Catholic School, Petrolia got an introduction to the trades during a recent visit to St. Patrick's Catholic High School and the Labourers' International Union of North America ... read more
Mar 05, 2019

Christ The King Catholic School Partners with Local First Nations Communities to Host Indigenous Cultural Activity Day 

Community partners from Aamjiwnaang First Nation, Bkejwanong Territory (Walpole Island First Nation) and the Sarnia-Lambton Native Friendship Centre joined together with Christ The King Catholic School's student wellness team to host a day of... read more
Mar 05, 2019

Secondary Students Explain Pathways Programming to Board Advisory Council Members 

The theme for the Board Advisory Council meeting on Wednesday, February 27 was academic achievement and pathways planning. Secondary school students from both Ursuline College Chatham Catholic Secondary School and St. Patrick's Catholic High... read more
Mar 05, 2019

New Name and New Vision as 'Science Discovery Squad' Replaces 'Adopt-A-Scientist' in Science Education Partnership 

The Science Discovery Squad is the new name for a volunteer program that has been immensely popular in area schools. Four existing volunteer initiatives are becoming one, providing students in Lambton-Kent with an even more enhanced learning... read more
Feb 21, 2019

Principals, Vice Principals and VP Leadership Candidates to Complete Special Education Additional Qualifications Course 

St. Clair Catholic is the first school board in Ontario to offer a Special Education Additional Qualifications (SEA AQ) course to every administrator across the Board. "We believe this is important learning for every administrator in every... read more
Feb 20, 2019

Director's Annual Report 2018 Presented to Board of Trustees and Released to the Public 

Director of Education Deb Crawford has presented the Director's Annual Report 2018 to the Board of Trustees. "I am proud to present this report to the Board and to all stakeholders of the St. Clair Catholic District School Board," says Mrs.... read more
Feb 20, 2019
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Media Releases
Media Release
18-Mar-19 Special Deanery Meeting to Focus on Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Catholic Education
01-Mar-19 Canada Learning Code to Visit St. Clair Catholic
19-Feb-19 Principals, Vice Principals and VP Leadership Candidates to Complete Special Education AQ Course
19-Feb-19 Director's Annual Report 2018 is Presented to St. Clair Catholic Board of Trustees
19-Feb-19 Science Education Partnership
08-Feb-19 Black History Month Celebrated at St. Clair Catholic Schools Across the District
05-Feb-19 Holy Rosary Catholic School Challenges Students Across the Board in "National Sweater Day" Competition
12-Dec-18 Rogers Hometown Hockey Kick-Off Event at St. Vincent Catholic School
04-Dec-18 John Van Heck Acclaimed Chair of the Board; Mat Roop Elected Vice Chair, as two New Trustees are Sworn In
27-Nov-18 Long-Serving Trustees Attend Final Board Meeting
27-Nov-18 Student News Team to Report on Progress of New North Chatham Catholic Elementary School Construction Project
16-Nov-18 Suspect in Custody Following Series of Profane Phone Calls to Several Local Schools
31-Oct-18 Senior Staff Take the Soap Suds Challenge in United Way Car Wash Fundraiser
19-Oct-18 National School Bus Safety Week
03-Oct-18 Construction is a go!  Board of Trustees Accepts Low Bid Tender for North Chatham Elementary School
19-Sept-18 St. Clair Catholic Releases Results for Grade 3 and 6 EQAO, Grade 9 Math and Grate 10 OSSLT Assessments
30-Aug-18 Board of Trustees Updated on Status of New Chatham Catholic Elementary School Construction Projects

Blessings to You as We Begin Our Lenten Journey Together! 


Dear Families,

Today, we begin our Lenten journey together!

Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter.  It is a time of self-examination and reflection.  Today, we focus on our relationship with God, often choosing to give up something or to volunteer and give of ourselves for others.

I recently found this reflection on the beginning of Lent.  It’s from The Santa Rita Abbey, a monastic community of Sisters located in Arizona, within Diocese of Tucson.  I hope it is as meaningful for you as it was for me.

Blessings to you as you begin your Lenten walk towards the joy of Easter!

Deb Crawford

Director of Education

Why Do We Do the Things We Do During Lent?

Why do we fast and you take no notice?  Deny ourselves and you pay no heed?  (Isaiah 58:3)

Good questions.  Why DO we do the things we do during Lent?  This leads to an even bigger question:  who is the God I believe in?

Is God Someone who cares for me with every fiber of His being, whose joy it is to be an intimate part of my existence?  Who walks with me in moments of pain and sorrow and dances with me in moments of joy?

Yes, this is the God who stands with us at the threshold of our Lenten journey.  A God who has promised to be with us through all the ups and downs of life.

Father, we don’t need to appease you by our Lenten denial.  We already have your love and favour.  If we deny ourselves–the selfish, isolated parts of ourselves that we still cling to–it is because we know that we are safe in your love and we can let ourselves free-fall into your heart.  That heart which will enfold us in healing and transforming love.

We do what we do during Lent because we are loved.  We know that by inviting you into our depths, we say yes to your healing presence and that “your hand will do all things for us,” as we say in the psalm.

There you have it.  That is the beginning and the end. We came from love, we live in love, we return to love. May our Lenten journey be a sharing of this love with all creation by opening out our depths to Him in trust, and may our Lenten practices create in us quiet places where God can refresh and heal us, and we can come and rest awhile.

Mar 06, 2019
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