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Secondary School Open Houses Scheduled for Ursuline College Chatham and St. Patrick's Catholic High School, Sarnia 

The secondary school communities of Ursuline College in Chatham and St. Patrick's in Sarnia invite all parents and Grade 8 students to attend their annual Open Houses. 

Tour the schools, find out about the wide variety of courses offered and see the excellent facilities available at your Catholic high school!

For more information, click on the links below.

St. Patrick's Catholic High School Open House - Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Ursuline College Chatham Open House - Thursday, January 31, 2019

Jan 14, 2019

Kindergarten Registration for Classes Beginning in September 2019 

kinderSTARt is a special one day registration event in each elementary school, for parents of children who are beginning Year 1 Kindergarten in September 2019.  It is an opportunity for parents and children to visit the school for about an hour, meet the staff and engage in activities in preparation for Kindergarten. 

kinderSTARt is also a fun and informative way to get tips on healthy living and immunization for your children.

French Immersion programs are available in Blenheim, Chatham, Wallaceburg and Sarnia.  For more information about French Immersion at St. Clair Catholic, go to http://www.st-clair.net/french-immersion.aspx


For a schedule of kinderSTARt dates click on the links below:

Chatham-Kent Catholic Schools

Sarnia-Lambton Catholic Schools

For more information about Kindergarten at St. Clair Catholic, or to register online, go to https://kreg.sccdsb.net/


Jan 11, 2019

Blood Donor Clinic in Honour of Jocelyn McGlynn Exceeds Target for Donations 

Tremendous!  That's how Canadian Blood Services officials described support from Ursuline College students, St. Clair Catholic District School Board staff and the community at a blood donor clinic yesterday in honour of Jocelyn McGlynn.  Jocelyn is a UCC graduate and former Student Trustee, who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

Currently a medical science student at the University of Western Ontario, Jocelyn was diagnosed with AML in November.  Since then friends, family, the St. Clair Catholic family and the entire Chatham-Kent community have rallied to support her with blood donor clinics and swab clinics for stem cell donations.

Neither of Jocelyn's two brothers are eligible to donate their stem cells for her treatment, as they are not a perfect match.  At a blood donor clinic held in Chatham yesterday in honour of Jocelyn, 108 potential stem cell donors were registered and there were nearly 200 blood donations, which exceeded the target set by Canadian Blood Services.

"The need for blood is constant," says Marisa Gatfield of Canadian Blood Services.  "Your support ensures we continue to help every patient, match every need and serve every Canadian.  Every minute of every day, someone in Canada needs blood."

The Board has also donated the use of ten Chrome Books for use at blood donor clinics, so that people can register online to be a stem cell donor.  It's easy to register.  Anyone aged 17 to 35 can simply go to http:///www.blood.ca  Once registered, a swab kit is mailed to you along with a self-addressed, postage paid envelope so that you can return the swab.

The McGlynn family is grateful for the support.  Even if people are not a match for Jocelyn, there are many, many people battling this disease who desperately need donors.

"This support has kept me strong through my chemotherapy," says Jocelyn.  "Thank you so much for considering becoming a stem cell donor.  It means more than you will ever know!"

In the photos (top) the McGlynn family poses with students from Ursuline College who turned out to support the blood donor and swab clinic yesterday in Chatham; (right) Director of Education Deb Crawford, one of many St. Clair Catholic staff members who donated blood in support of Jocelyn.

Jan 10, 2019
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St. Clair Catholic Strategic Plan - INVITATION 

The St. Clair Catholic District School Board has launched an exciting process of discovery into what we can do together to build Catholic education and help our students prepare for the future.  Thoughtexchange is a broad online consultation with all of our stakeholders, where we can share and learn from each other. Thoughtexchange will help us to build our new strategic plan. 

Thoughtexchange has three steps:

Share StarDiscover

  1. Share - first people share thoughts independently and confidentially;
  2. Star - next everyone considers and rates thoughts shared by others;
  3. Discover - and finally, everyone learns the ideas we have in common and what we value as a community.

The information we learn through Thoughtexchange will help inform our new strategic plan, to guide student learning for the next five years. 

 To find out more about Thoughtexchange, watch the video.

 Thoughtexchange will be open from January 9th to January 23rd.

 Join the conversation today.  You tell us!

 Go to https://my.thoughtexchange.com/#p885878906

 or visit the Board website at https://www.st-clair.net/thoughtexchange

 or use the QR Code with your mobile device.

QR Code

 Thoughtexchange Logo


Jan 09, 2019
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