The St. Clair Catholic District School Board is pleased to partner with the Lambton Kent District School Board, St Clair College, Community Living Chatham-Kent and Community Living Wallaceburg to offer the OPTIONS Program in Chatham-Kent.


The OPTIONS program is an educational opportunity for students with an intellectual disability who are eligible to graduate from high school and who have participated in a co-op placement or have independent work experience. The program is designed to build a bridge between school, the community and the workplace.   It is a campus based program of up to two years duration and is designed for students aged 18-21.  The program offers students education and work training opportunities in an age-appropriate setting.  The aim of the program is to assist students in gaining independent work and living skills with the ultimate goal being to attain employment in the community.

OPTIONS students remain registered in high school throughout the program. The program is held at the St. Clair College (Chatham Campus) where the students may take advantage of the facilities available.  The two local Community Living Associations work closely with the OPTIONS students in supporting their work placements.

Students attend classes at the college three days per week, and are on work placements for the other two days.

What makes a student eligible?

  • The candidates must be registered with the Lambton Kent District School Board or the St. Clair Catholic District School Board
  • The student has completed four years at the secondary level
  • The student is working towards a Certificate of Achievement or a Certificate of Accomplishment
  • The student has or is planning to participate in his/her high school's graduation ceremony
  • The student has an intellectual disability (which may be in combination with other disabilities, such as a traumatic brain injury, orthopaedic disability or autism)

To be considered for enrolment, each student must submit an application and attend an in-person interview.

What does it cost?

Transportation to the campus is provided; but students are responsible to make their own arrangements for their work placements.  Incidental fees may arise from events throughout the year.

How do I apply?

Enrolment is limited and applicants are selected through the review process.

Students can request more information on the application process from their home school Program Resource Teacher.  Applications are open in January and reviewed in March, after which students are interviewed and selected.