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This department provides services for

students with special needs.


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Mission Statement



The commitment of the Board to the beliefs in the Mission Statement and Principles and Values Statement is expressed by the manner in which exceptional students and students with special needs are welcomed and provided for in our school communities. The Board, therefore, delegates to the Director, in consultation with the Special Education Advisory Committee, the responsibility for developing programs, regulations and procedures to promote:

•The rights of the learner to an inclusive educational program in the regular classroom program as the child's need for a differentiated program will permit. Integration will take precedence over segregation whenever possible taking into account the needs of the child and the parent's wishes.

•The education of each student is a shared responsibility between the classroom teacher and the program resource team and the child's parent/guardian. Through a collaborative partnership the classroom teacher will be supported in modifying and personalizing the curriculum for exceptional learners.

•Learners have the right to access a spectrum of special education programs and services to support their learning.

•When support staff are assigned to provide direct assistance to an exceptional learner, care must be taken to maintain focus on the ultimate goal of independence and autonomy.

•Since communities assist in raising children, the board maintains open and active partnerships with various local, regional and provincial agencies to access resources and promote a smooth transition to post-secondary education, work or living in the community.





Contact Information:

Lisa Demers, Superintendent of Education

Brendan Deery, Principal - Special Education

Christine Preece, Mental Health Lead

Cathy Calvert,  Administrative Assistant - Superintendent of Education

Phone: (519) 627-6762 or 1-866-336-6139 ext. 10227
Fax: (519) 627-8230

Mail: St. Clair Catholic District School Board c/o Special Education Department
420 Creek St. Wallaceburg, On N8A 4C4

St. Matthew Catholic Elementary School has been selected as the St. Clair Catholic District School Board’s host site for the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Children and Youth Services pilot to Improve School-based Supports for Children and Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families. St. Matthew will be providing a dedicated space on-site to allow external ABA practitioners to come into the school and deliver services to students with ASD.

As announced by the Ministry of Education, the pilot will focus on developing support for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder using two approaches:

  • Education Assistant training
  • The development of an in school dedicated space for students currently receiving ABA therapy 

The pilot will include:

  • one school site per pilot board participating in the designated space pilot
  • EA training
  • A Board Certified Behaviour Analyst to support staff to improve supports for students with ASD.

The pilot’s implementation is being supported provincially by an external researcher and a Provincial Advisory Team of representatives from school boards, autism providers, parents and other provincial stakeholders.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact Brendan Deery at brendan.deery@sccdsb.net.