New User to School Cash On-line

How do I create an account?
School Cash Online has been designed to be an easy to use, efficient online payment system. All you need to do is follow these four simple steps to get started.
  • Register – Register your own secure personal payment account by selecting Get Started Today on the homepage.
  • Add a Student – Once you’ve confirmed your account, add your child to your account to view and pay for school expenses. You should be prompted for this information upon login. This feature can also be located under the "Items" tab or the "My Account" tab.
  • Pay School Expenses – Pay for any selected school expenses by adding the items to the cart and checking out.
  • Print Receipt – Print a copy of the transaction receipt for your personal records. This information can also be found under "Payment History".
Can each parent have a separate account?
Yes. School Cash Online was designed for parents, grandparents, guardians etc to have individual accounts. The student can be added to up to five different “parent” accounts.
Why does School Cash Online need my email address?
School Cash Online needs your email address:
  • for your username to log into the system
  • in order to email you a receipt for payments made
  • to enable you to receive notification of school events
We value your privacy and respect your security concerns. For more information on our privacy policy, please click on the link below. As well, please refer to questions below regarding our website security in the 'Security' section.
What makes a good password?
Passwords should be unique, difficult for anyone else to guess and of course memorable to you. Your password must consist of at least 8 characters, and include at least one UPPERCASE letter, one lowercase letter and 1 number.
I have not received the verification email.
Some email providers incorrectly identify School Cash Online emails as SPAM and send our emails direct to the SPAM folder. If you have requested your verification email and it has not arrived check your SPAM folder (or your ALL MAIL folder). If you do find the verification email in there you can ask your email system to allow School Cash Online emails in future.
Where do I obtain my Student ID?
A Student ID can be obtained by contacting the student's school. It may also available from one of the following resources:
  • Report card
  • School registration paper work
  • Student schedule
  • Bus card
  • Student ID card
  • Transcripts
  • School office
I cannot find my child’s student ID, can I find him/her another way?
If you are trying to add your child to your account and do not know the Student ID, simply uncheck the box under "Student Information" and next to the question "Do you have the student number?". You will then be able to search for your child by the Date of Birth

Problems logging in

My username and password do not work.
Username - once your account has been activated your username is likely to be your email address. Ensure that you are using the correct email address for this account.
Password – please note your password is case sensitive.
I forgot my username and password. How can I get this information?
Simply click on the "Forgot user name or password" box in the secure sign-in area of the sign in page. For security purposes you will need to know the email address you originally used to set up your account. The username and password will be sent to your registered email address.
Can I change the email address and password on my account?
Yes, once you have registered an account you are free to modify all of your personal data including the email address and password by clicking the “My Account” tab. To change your email address, select the “Edit My Personal Information” option. To change your password, select the “Change My Password” option and follow the one screen instructions.

My Account

How do I change my personal details?
Log into your School Cash Online account and select the “My Account” tab. Click on “Edit My Personal Information” option, your personal details will be listed. Make the necessary changes, then select the SAVE button.
I have changed my email address, how do I update?
Log into your School Cash Online account and select the “My Account” tab. Click on “Edit My Personal Information” option, your personal details will be listed. Make the necessary changes, then select the SAVE button.
Can I register more than one child?
Yes, you can register up to five children (students) to your account. You will require the relevant registration information for each child that you would like to add to your account. If you need to register more than five children, please contact the Parent Help Desk.
Do I need to re-register a student that moves to a different school within the same school district?
School Cash Online records are constantly updated so if a student moves to a different school within the same district, the student’s information will be automatically updated.
My child has left the school, how do I delete their account?
While we never delete accounts that have been receipted, we can disable the account and archive the information. Please let us know if you wish to disable your account by contacting Parent Help Desk directly.

Email Notifications

Can I receive an email notification letting me know that there are items to be purchased?
Yes, email notifications are sent to the account holder when new items are uploaded to your child’s profile. To verify that you have accepted email notifications, select the “My Account” tab, click on the “Manage Email Notifications” option. Click on the option to activate the email notification, and then select the CHANGE button to save your information.
How often will I receive email notifications?
Email notifications are sent when new items have been posted for your child. These notifications will only be sent twice a week and only for new items. Don’t worry, we won’t spam your email.

Making a Payment

How do I pay for an item?
Log into your School Cash Online account, items that are available for payment will be displayed for all students. Select the “Add to cart” for the items that you wish to purchase. Continue to add items to the cart, and then select the “Checkout” button.
I am trying to purchase an item, but it is not listed. What should I do?
Each school creates their own items for purchase and assigns them to the students. Once assigned, they will appear in the Student Items tab on School Cash Online. Please contact the school bookkeeper at your child’s school if you do not see the item you are looking for.
What does “Required”, “Optional” and “Overdue” mean?
Required is an item that is a requirement for you to purchase. Optional is an item that you may wish to purchase. Overdue is a required item where the due date has expired.
I would like to make a partial payment on an item. How can I do this?
Unfortunately, we do not accept partial payments. Item amounts are created at the school level. Please contact your school to make other arrangements.
I am trying to checkout using my Flexible Spending Account card. How come it will not work?
Your credit card may be limited in the ways it can be used. Please check with your financial institution for more information.
When I try to checkout and press the Continue button, it brings me back to the previous page I was just on.
Please make sure you are logging in directly from our site It also may be a web browser issue. Try resetting your web browser and if this does not resolve the issue, please contact our support line by either calling 1-866-961-1803 or email us at
How long does it take for money to be deducted from my bank account?
Most payments are deducted within three business days. It does depend on your individual bank as to the frequency.
Will I get a receipt?
You will receive receipt information on screen once your payment has been successfully processed. You are able to print a copy of the receipt by clicking the Print icon.
How do I know if my payment was successful?
If you have reached the payment receipt page, then yes, your payment should have been successful. If you are in any doubt as to the success of your payment select the "Payment History" tab which will give you historic information on payments made.
How can I obtain a refund?
Refunds are permitted if the product or service was not received by the purchaser. To receive a refund on your account, please submit a request to the school detailing the purchase with supporting information (School, Parent First Name, Parent Last Name, Email address, Phone number, Student First Name, Student Last Name, Date of transaction, Item purchased, Amount).


Who has access to my account information?
Your account information is only available to you, via your unique login details. School Cash Online will only access your details if requested to do so by you or your school/school district in a secure manner.
Tell me more about School Cash Online security.
Our top priority is to keep your personal information safe. School Cash Online will never contact you by phone, email or mail and ask you to divulge confidential information. If you are ever contacted by someone claiming to be from School Cash Online, please contact us immediately.

School Cash Online does not share any of your personal information with any third party. We do not store your credit card information on our web server or any of our computers or other devices. Please refer to our privacy policy linked below.

Our website is certified as compliant with Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), which provides an actionable framework for developing a robust payment card data security process -- including prevention, detection and appropriate reaction to security incidents. Refer to the PCI Security Standards Council website at for more information.

Additionally, KEV has received an unqualified independent auditor’s opinion over internal controls as per the Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements guideline 16 as prescribed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
Do you save my credit card details?
School Cash Online does not store your credit card details for security reasons and industry compliancy. You will therefore need to enter the information every time you checkout.
Do you save my eCheck details?
School Cash Online does not store your eCheck details for security reasons and industry compliancy. You will therefore need to enter the information every time you checkout.