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Ontario College of Teachers – Professional Advisory – Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media

Get Connected, Get in the Know - Online Respect

Online, On Alert - Ideas for teaching critical thinking when using the Internet.

Chatham-Kent Police Services Cyberbullying Presentation.

Sarnia Police Services Cyberbullying Presentation.

Growing Up Online - PBS Frontline Special.

What’s the Deal.org - For teachers, parents, guardians. Visit deal.org to learn about teen culture.

Cybertip.ca - For teachers, parents, guardians. Canada's national cyber tip line for reporting online abuse.

Netsmartz - For teachers, parents, guardians. A great resource for adults to find Internet safety tips for kids and teens 

InHope.org - For teachers, parents, guardians. Facilitates co-operation between Internet hotline providers

ConnectED (Grades 4-6)

Connect[ED] is a new resource that addresses Internet safety for students in Grades 4-6. It is designed to help students develop safe and healthy online behaviours, such as netiquette, security, personal privacy and relationships (e.g., recognizing and managing cyberbullying), in the same way they would in real life situations. It helps children apply real life behaviour to life online. 

Connect[ED] is a web-based resource (also available as a DVD).

CyberCops: Mirror Image (Grade 7)

Mirror Image is the first game in the CyberCops series. It is based on a real case study from Eastern Canada. Three criminal behaviours are introduced to students: cyberstalking, Internet luring and child pornography.

The CyberCops resources are available in English and French.

CyberCops: AirDogs (Grade 8)

Air Dogs is the second game in the CyberCops series. Based on a real case involving a young American, Air Dogs was designed to open a dialogue with young teenagers to make them more aware of the consequences of being involved in the following three types of Internet crime: credit card fraud, software piracy, and bullying.

The CyberCops resources are available in English and French.

Passport to the Internet (Grades 4 - 8)

 Passport to the Internet, an Internet literacy tutorial, helps students in Grades 4 to 8 develop the critical thinking skills they need to apply to their online experiences by enabling them to use popular online tools and Web sites in a secure and ethical manner, and to their full potential.

Using simulations of the most popular Internet environments, this interactive resource teaches students key skills relating to:

  • online safety
  • authenticating online information
  • recognizing online marketing ploys
  • protecting their privacy
  • managing online relationships
  • dealing with cyberbullying


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MyWorld (Grades 9 -12)

 MyWorld: A digital literacy tutorial for secondary students aims to teach students essential digital literacy skills through simulating their favourite online experiences. The tutorial is divided into four chapters, each of which focuses on a particular aspect of digital literacy: researching and authenticating online information, managing privacy and reputation, dealing with online relationships and using digital media in an ethical manner.

In each chapter, students use a variety of online tools and environments — a search engine, a social networking site, for example — to complete tasks that challenge their digital literacy skills. These tasks are based on issues youth encounter daily, relating to their friends, schoolwork and personal lives.


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OERB Materials

Cyber Awareness:

Grades 7-10 ELO1279820 
In this interactive learning object, students will learn about the 5W’s of doing website research. They will understand the importance of authenticating online information and the structure of URL’s and how they can provide us with information about a website’s credibility. Students will apply their knowledge of the church’s teachings surrounding a controversial topic: reproductive cloning. They will determine biases in resources and critically evaluate the information available in them. In addition to the interactive resource, this resource is accompanied by a contextual lesson plan. Look for the lesson_plan.doc in the resource package.


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BFriends...But Be Aware: The Internet Safety Quiz

Grades 7-10  ELO1284500

This interactive learning object will give students an opportunity to evaluate their Internet safety awareness. This resource is accompanied by a contextual lesson plan. Look for the lesson_plan.doc file in the resource package to view it. 


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Copyright Matters

This booklet gives teachers user-friendly information on copyright law, combining items from the Canadian Copyright Act and its regulations, contractual and tariff arrangements with copyright collectives, and court decisions. It provides information about copyright law and copyright collectives and how they relate to the use of resources in schools.