The Board's BYOD program allows staff and students to bring their personally-owned equipment (such as iPods©,iPads©,tablets, Chromebooks, netbooks, laptops, smartphones etc.) into their classrooms.  This practice anticipates that greater familiarity and availability of technology should increase student motivation and enhance student learning and allow staff to expand and further personalize their teaching toolkit.  

Our Board policy, Responsible Use of Technology, revised April 2022, encompasses personal devices. Participation in this program is optional and there will be no negative impact to your child should you decide that he/she will not participate. Students who do not currently have their own devices will have continued access to the Board's excellent quality school-provided equipment.

  • Helpdesk Phone: 1-866-336-6139 ext. 10411 (Monitored weekdays 8 a.m. through 4:30 p.m.)


Elementary Students Secondary Students


BYOD Expectations Responsibilities and Parental Consent Form