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St. Clair Catholic DSB promotes the use of Blended Learning in its classrooms, from JK-12. Our students have access to the Provincial Learning Management System (LMS) and over 27000 resources in the Ontario Education Resource Bank (OERB) in the classroom and at home. Our teachers are able to complement and enhance good teaching practice in the traditional classroom using digital resources, guiding our students toward being responsible 21st century learners. 

What is Blended Learning and how does it benefit students and teachers?

Blended Learning is a combination – or blend – of face-to-face and online learning. In Ontario, Blended Learning may be conducted through the provincial LMS, where students and teachers have access to:
  • Provincially-developed content (i.e., secondary courses, elementary course packages, multimedia activities).
  • Communication tools, such as the blog, pager, discussions, news, schedule, and e-mail tools.
  • Assessment tools, such as dropboxes, quizzes, and surveys.

Blended learning Overview - pdf

For more information about SCCDSB's Blended Learning program, please contact the eLearning Contact.

Enter St Clair Catholic's eLearning site

SCCDSB eLearning login page

Through eLearning Ontario, online courses and resources are available to secondary students, providing them with more opportunities to succeed. eLearning allows them to customize learning plans to fit their education goals.

St. Clair Catholic DSB will be offering PPZ3C, CIA4U, & BAT4M  online during the first semester of the 2018-19 school year to all eligible students. We will be offering ETS4U & EWC4U during the second semester. See your Guidance Counselor for details. 

Guidance counselors: to register or check for available seats, please visit the SRS. We are a part of the Catholic no-fee sharing group.

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SCCDSB Responsible Use of Technology Policy

A successful online learner is:

  • self-motivated and self-disciplined
  • a self-directed learner
  • a goal setter who can meet deadlines
  • an effective communicator through writing
  • open-minded about sharing work and educational experiences as part of the learning process
  • highly motivated
  • comfortable using computers and the internet (with reliable access)
  • familiar with basic computer skills including: word processing skills, copying/pasting, e-mailing with file attachments, internet navigation

Not sure if eLearning is a good fit for you? Take the quiz.

Enrollment Registers for Secondary Schools indicate: "Where a pupil participates in an eLearning course at any time during a week (Monday-Friday), the pupil shall be marked present in the course for the entire week. Where a pupil does not participate in the course during a week (Monday-Friday), the pupil shall be marked absent in the course for the week."

Attendance is based on some form of active participation, such as:

  • contributing to a threaded discussion
  • completing an assignment
  • appropriate communication with your eLearning teacher

Be sure to verify with your teacher to determine how your attendance will be marked.

St Clair Catholic is a proud member of:

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For more information about SCCDSB's eLearning program, please contact the eLearning contact.

Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB) - As Ontario's learning object repository, the OERB offers a growing number of online resources to teachers and students, from JK to 12, at no cost. There are thousands of resources, including units, lesson plans, activities, maps, and interactive learning resources.

OERB Overview

Searching for Resources in the OERB - video tutorial

Browsing for Resources by Curriculum Expectation in the OERB - video tutorial



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