St. Patrick's Catholic High School

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  • This year's grad 12 cohort a minimum of 20 hours of community service hours for graduation.  
  • In addition, the Ministry of Education is providing increased flexibility in how all secondary students can earn hours in 2020-21 and 2021-22, at the Principal’s discretion schools may allow students:

to earn hours during the time allotted for the instructional program on a school day;

- to earn hours through duties normally performed at the home; and,

- to count up to a maximum of 10 hours of paid employment towards their earned hours (age 14+).  Students counting paid employment towards their graduation requirement will be required to complete a reflection exercise indicating how their work contributed to service for others. *Note: the 10 paid hours that can be used towards your volunteer hours is for the duration of secondary school - you can only use 10 hours total over your 4 years).

Please see here for suggestions on how to take advantage of the above opportunities.