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Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT) 2022/23

This year, EQAO has allowed for two test sessions.  These will occur once each semester.  Grade 10s will write in connection with their Grade 10 English Class.  Any senior students or Grade 10 students not connected to an English class who are requiring the Literacy Requirement through the OSSLT will have a choice to write during Semester 1 or 2.  

Semester 1 Write Date: Week of November 28, 2022. 
Results will be reported in late January 2023.

Semester 2 Write Dates: TBD (Administration Window: March 1 - April 26, 2023). 
Results will be reported in mid- June 2023

Preparations for the OSSLT will take place predominantly in grade 10 English classrooms with the classroom teacher.  Students who do not have a classroom connection will be invited to take part in weekly preparatory activities beginning in January and lasting until test day.  Students are welcome to join in on this opportunity, as it will refamiliarize themselves with the skills that the OSSLT focuses on.  

Additionally, all students are invited to join the Literacy Google Classroom, where all important information and prep materials will be published.  Lastly, all students will have an opportunity to complete a Practice Test prior to writing the OSSLT in order to familiarize themselves with the online site and format. 

If you would like more information about the OSSLT, such as the EQAO framework or past test samples, or if you would like to see a sample literacy test (Practice Test), please click on the link below.

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