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Each year your Chaplaincy Department chooses a theological theme which it develops over the course of the academic calendar.

For the 2018-19 school year, the theme is "Welcome to the Revolution".

The revolution that we are welcoming our community into this year is not one of power, or violence, or coercion. These kinds of revolutions are of the world, not of God.

Rather, the revolution we have in mind is the only one truly worthy of the name - the revolution of love. 

"Love is to will the good of the other" (1-11, 26, 4).

This single idea - properly understood and then put into action - has the power to revolutionize our personal lives, our families, our school community, even our entire country, and world. 

Join us this year as we unpack the true meaning of love and show how "to will the good of the other" is the most powerful and certain way to bring about the world of justice, peace and joy which we all desire.

Welcome to the revolution!

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