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This year, something very exciting, and very unique, will be happening at our school on the chaplaincy front!

On Sunday, November 26 at 3:00pm our school community will solemnly consecrate itself to Christ the King!

What this basically means is"

  •  We will solemnly recognize, and celebrate, Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, as the ultimate Head of our school community
  • We will solemnly embrace Jesus’ laws – namely, the Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the teachings of his Catholic Church – as the ultimate norms of governance at our school
  • We will solemnly ask Christ the King to use our school community, in an intentional way, to build his kingdom.

To be sure, this is a once in a lifetime event! And one that is sure to bring singular blessings and graces upon our school family.

Over the coming months, the Chaplaincy Department will be providing much catechesis around this consecration explaining in greater detail what it is, why we have decided to undertake it and what the benefits will be. 

For now, we simply want to encourage all staff, students, families, parishioners, community partners, alumni and all other friends of St. Patrick’s High School to save the date of November 26, plan to be in attendance for the consecration, and get ready for the immense outpouring of the Holy Spirit that is sure to result.

Praised be Jesus Christ! Forever. Amen. 

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