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A message from the Chaplaincy Department.

             There is no doubt about who is the greatest leader of all time. Jesus of Nazareth simultaneously saved humanity through His redeeming sacrifice of love, as well as change our ideas and beliefs on how to lead. Jesus was the Son of a carpenter, from a very small town, chose 12 ordinary apostles with no traditional experience in leadership, mixed in with a few dozen disciples who had no title or status, and He used all of this to change the world! He had one rule, and He modeled it well: Servant Leadership.

             Ivy League Universities such as Harvard and Fortune 500 companies are adopting a servant leadership model in their teachings and strategies. A school’s success, or a business' growth is finally being measured not only by their work/product, but also their graduates and employees overall well-being. What the Catholic Church has been proclaiming and living for 2000 years, has finally come to fruition on a wider scale. However, we still need God’s help.

             Servant leadership is a never-ending endeavour, and we can lose focus at any point when our ego is enticed with fame, money, a title or position. God needs to be our source of truth, Jesus needs to be our example of service, and the Holy Spirit’s love needs to fuel our efforts. Join us this year in becoming Christ Like Leaders, in our school, at home, and in our community.

Please visit our Chaplaincy tab on the website regularly, or read our School Newsletter to keep updated on any Chaplaincy events. 


Thomas Dula, Chaplaincy Leader