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2019/2020 Message      

Nearly escaping his death, Elijah, the last remaining prophet, awaits to hear God’s instructions. As he sits atop of a mountain, a wind storm passed, an earthquake shook the ground, and a fire raged around him,  but the Lord was nowhere to be found in all of these wonders.
Then, Elijah hears it, God’s voice in a small, low whisper. 

The story above is taken from the First Book of Kings, in the Hebrew Scriptures. It retells the moment Elijah waited for God to reveal Himself and speak. Much of our own life revolves around waiting, whether it be for someone, something, or a special event. We often think of waiting as a negative, frustrating, and agonizing experience. However, there are times when waiting brings on a joyful anticipation, such as a birthday, graduation, or reunion. 

Although the reality of waiting exists, the feelings of worry, anxiety, fear, or over-thinking do not need to accompany it. Our God wills us to live in the moment of each day, placing trust in Him, having peace, and witnessing holiness and sacredness now! Jesus spoke much of the Kingdom of God being in the present tense in order for us to find a sliver of heaven on earth through hope, faith, forgiveness, and love. 

This year, our school will journey on transforming our heart and mind on God’s presence. We will be praying together the following prayer during morning exercises, at staff meetings, before a game, and other numerous celebrations. 


Transform my heart, for you, O’ Lord, are here. 

Transform my mind, for you, O’ Lord, are here. 





Please join us in prayer, as we become more aware of God in all people, the work we do, creation that surrounds us, and even in silence. As Pope Francis tweeted “The Kingdom of God is in your midst." It is not spectacular; it grows in silence.” 



Thomas Dula, Chaplaincy Leader