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                                                                          SUMMER SCHOOL REGISTRATION FORM 2024


  • Once you've signed up using the form, monitor your email daily for updates regarding course enrolment, course information and start dates.
  • If you haven't already spoken to your Guidance Counsellor, it is advisable to discuss whether or not summer school is a good option for you BEFORE you register.


Registered students can expect to hear from their summer teacher during the last week of June or the first week of July.

**If you were looking to repeat a failed course online this summer, please email your guidance counsellor.

To get into your course, whether it's offered by our school board or another one, please log into our eLearning site:


Log in with your full @sccdsb.net email address (firstname.lastname###@sccdsb.net -- make sure you include the @sccdsb.net part) and your network password (the password you would use to log onto a school PC; it's not necessarily the same as your Google password). 

Once in, look for a link to your course. If you do not see your course it may not have started yet. Course start and end dates depend upon the offering school board.  If you don't see your course by July 6th, please contact our eLearning Contact, Mr. Payton Jacklin: payton.jacklin@sccdsb.net

If you need help through the summer the answer will likely lie with your teacher (if it's course related) or myself (if it's a technical problem). Please do NOT contact your counselor in the summer, they may not be monitoring their email.

Summer School Orientation

Live summer school orientation is offered each year. A previous version of this can be watched here.

For any help getting started please contact your Guidance Counselor (before June 28), your summer teacher by email, or Mr.Jacklin


UCC students may take one credit during the summer semester in July. The St.Clair Catholic School Board typically offers a number of courses, though students may request  to take any course if there is availability in other school boards. Please talk to your counselor if you are considering upgrading a mark or taking a new course this summer. 

Student orientation will take place online or in school for eLearning students in June; details to follow.

**Students hoping to take other courses over the summer should speak with their counselor about course availability through other school boards. Courses offered by other boards may start and end on different dates than SCCDSB.


Students: to access your course, even if it's offered by another school board, go to http://sccdsb.elearningontario.ca. Use your usual username (firstname.lastname###) and your network password.

A few words of advice for students considering summer school:

Time management is critical. 
You're squeezing five months worth of work into 4 weeks. Expect to spend an average of 4-5 hours each day working on your course. If you are working, volunteering, etc. this summer consider scaling back on those activities during the course, especially during the first week. That way you can get a better sense of the course's demands. 
Message your teacher if you run into trouble.
Expect a short delay in their response. Teachers will be online every week day but their schedule may not line up with yours.
- Use Full Screen when reading the course content. 
It's a small thing, but it will make using the site much easier.
Read the Course Overview

Students taking courses through SCCDSB with an exam MUST report to either St. Patrick's or UCC to write it. Students taking summer courses with exams through other school boards are also welcome write in either St. Patrick's or UCC. Make arrangements with your teacher or the SCCDSB eLearning Contact.

Should you require any support during the summer, please contact:

Your Teacher - for any questions related to the course, such as help with assignments 
- SCCDSB eLearning Contact - for technical issues (e.g. unable to log in, forgot password) or to drop a course
Do not contact your counselor, they may not be monitoring their email.