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Attending a retreat each year is part of our school’s culture. A retreat is not an escape from our everyday routine and responsibilities, but a moment of reenergizing ourselves and reconnecting with what matters most to us. 
From grades 9 to 12, every student enrolled in a Religious Studies Course will have an opportunity to encounter Christ through an authentic experience.
Our hope is that each student at Ursuline College takes away the four benefits of a retreat and incorporates them into their everyday life. The model we follow during a retreat is: Sabbath(giving the gift of our mind/ body/ spirit rest), Solitude (stepping away from distractions), Silence (learning to listen to  God), and Simplicity (reminding ourselves that we do not need a certain thing, title, or look to be joyful). There will also be plenty of time to have fun and enjoy great food, which is an essential part of any retreat.

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You may find more details about the retreats below. 

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