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Our school celebrates over 150 years of a rich tradition of Catholic, Christian education. St Angela Merici (1474-1540), founder of the Ursuline Sisters, was especially interested in the education of youth. One of her followers, Mother Mary Xavier Le Bihan sailed from France to found a tiny pioneer community, Chatham. Known later as Ursuline College, this school for girls, from 1860 to 1971, drew students from widely scattered points in Canada, the United States, and Latin America. In 1972, the school became co-educational and, in 1973, our school provided a Catholic high school education for boys and girls from all corners of Kent County. Today we are home to approximately 1200 young men and women.UCC Mascot Image

The Ursuline Sisters legacy lives on as our value system is rooted in their teachings and in those of the Catholic Church. It demands that students develop a love and reverence for God and creation, behave in a just and concerned manner regarding others, seek to be honest and truthful, and accept the principles required for dedicated commitment and responsible behaviour.

We are proud of our school because of its long tradition of excellence.  It has been a quality educational facility since 1860 and will continue this tradition into the millennium.

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