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Welcome Back to School! Classes Resume on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 

Classes for all St. Clair Catholic elementary and secondary school students resume on Tuesday, September 5, 2017.  This includes Junior Kindergarten, unless parents/guardians have been otherwise contacted by the school. 

For more information, please click on the links below.

Sarnia-Lambton Schools

Chatham-Kent Schools

Aug 08, 2017

St. Clair Catholic Summer Learning Camps are a Hit with Students and Parents 

The St. Clair Catholic Summer Learning Camp, now in its fourth year, continues to grow in Chatham and Sarnia and has this year expanded to include Wallaceburg. The three week-long program, which began in 2014 with just three classrooms in Chatham, now includes nine classrooms among all three sites. 

"Summer Learning Camp is a big hit with students and parents,” says Brenda Corchis, Coordinator – Elementary Curriculum.  “It’s an opportunity for students to meet friends and learn new skills in order to reduce summer learning loss.  The evidence also suggests that it helps to build confidence in our students."

The program consists of 45 hours of literacy, math and robotics over three weeks, which is taught during the morning hours.  In the afternoon, educational excursions or special fun activities are planned.  In Chatham-Kent, students will visit the Gable Rees Pool in Blenheim, Parks Blueberries, the Chatham Gymnastics Centre, the Chatham-Kent Children's Safety Village and the C.M. Wilson Conservation Area; in Sarnia, students will travel to the Moore Museum, Petrolia Pool, East Street Fire Station, Sarnia Public Library and Canatara Park; and in Wallaceburg, educational excursions are planned for Peers Wetlands, the Wallaceburg Museum, gymnastics, the Sydenham pool and the local branch of the Chatham-Kent Public Library. 

"The educational excursions are used to help prompt students' thinking and further their interest in learning," says Mrs. Corchis.  "We also keep the children physically active through games, dance, swimming and gymnastics."

This year, through an additional grant, robotics has been added to the camp learning schedule.  Secondary students from Ursuline College and St. Patrick's support robotics instruction at each site using Dot and Dash and Lego Wedo

Camp runs from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Monday to Friday from July 10 through July 28 at St. Matthew Catholic School in Sarnia; Georges P. Vanier Catholic School in Chatham; and St. Elizabeth Catholic School in Wallaceburg. Healthy snacks are provided to the students through funding from the Ontario Student Nutrition Programs of Sarnia-Lambton and Chatham-Kent. 

The Summer Learning Camp program is funded through a grant from the Ontario Council of Directors of Education.

In the photos (top left) students learn cooking skills at St. Matthew Catholic School, Sarnia; while (above right) students at Georges P. Vanier, Chatham have fun with tie-dying t-shirts; and (bottom left) campers at St. Elizabeth, Wallaceburg enjoy time with their favourite books.

Jul 13, 2017

Students and Staff at St. Anne Blenheim Go Over the Top for Heart and Stroke Foundation 

Students and staff at St. Anne Catholic School in Blenheim have raised a whopping $5,573.61 in the school's annual Jump Rope for Heart event.

"We are thrilled with the success of our event and we think it shows we are definitely a school with a 'heart'!" says Stacy Shepley, Principal of St. Anne Catholic School in Blenheim.

As part of the fundraiser, students recently participated in a number of heart healthy events, including skipping, soccer, soccer baseball and basketball. 

The money was presented to a local representative of the Heart and Stroke Foundation (photo above) who says the funds will be used to help pay for critical research, which saves lives by preventing heart disease and stroke and supporting survivors and their families.

Jun 26, 2017
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Media Releases
Media Release
13-Jul-17 St. Clair Summer Learning Camps are a hit with Students and Parents
28-Jun-17 Director of Education Dan Parr Announces Retirement Effective December 31, 2017
20-Jun-17 Board of Trustees Approves Interior Upgrades at Gregory A. Hogan Catholic School, Sarnia
20-Jun-17 Board of Trustees Approves 2017-2018 Budget
19-Jun-17 Ministry of Education Approves Funding for Two New Catholic Elementary Schools in Chatham
01-Jun-17 LKDSB and SCCDSB to Host Experiential Learning Advisory Council Events Aimed at Strengthening the Future Workforce
28-Apr-17 Catholic Education:  Walking Forward Together is the Theme for Catholic Education Week 2017
27-Apr-17 Informing Teens, Preventing Injuries is the Focus of Impact Day at St. Patrick's Catholic High School
27-Apr-17 Our Lady of Fatima Robotics Team Partners with Ministry of Transportation to Develop Deer Crossing Warning System
25-Apr-17 Student Trustees for 2017-2018 Announced
25-Apr-17 Vice Principal Appointed to Serve at St. Joseph Catholic School in Corunna
28-Mar-17 Board of Trustees Approves Final Report for Chatham Elementary Schools Pupil Accommodation Review
28-Mar-17 Director of Education Announces Changes in Principal Assignments for September 2017
28-Mar-17 St. Clair Reports Salaries in Accordance with Public Sector Salary Disclosure Act
28-Mar-17 We Charity Says Thank You to Chatham-Kent Students and Victory Ford for Annual "We Scare Hunger" Campaign
22-Mar-17 CLASS Launches Free Mobile App "MySBI"
09-Mar-17 Classes to Resume Tomorrow at St. Vincent Catholic School Chatham and St. Michael Catholic School Ridgetown
08-Mar-17 St. Vincent Catholic School in Chatham Closed to Students and Staff on Thursday Due to Roof Damage
28-Feb-17 St. Clair Catholic Trustees Receive Report on Board Calendar for the 2017-2018 School Year
28-Feb-17 St. Clair Catholic Invests more than $3.6 Million in School Improvements Across the District
07-Feb-17 The Great Family of Our Church:  Our Annual Day of Faith and Learning Together
24-Jan-17 St. Clair Catholic District School Board presents Capital Plan Update - 2017
24-Jan-17 Director's Annual Report - 2016 is presented to St. Clair Catholic Board of Trustees
07-Dec-16 Class Project at St. Michael Catholic School in Ridgetown receives World-Wide Recognition
06-Dec-16 John Van Heck Acclaimed Chair of the Board; Michelle Parks Acclaimed Vice Chair
14-Nov-16 St. Clair Catholic Students to Perform for CBC Radio's Canadian Music Class Challenge
11-Nov-16 St. Joseph Catholic School in Corunna to Celebrate Derek Drouin Day.....Again!
01-Nov-16 St. Elizabeth One of 17 Schools Across Canada to Receive Teach Grant From Best Buy Canada
25-Oct-16 Helping Parents Make Math a Fun Part of the Family's Daily Routine is the Focus of Bedtime Math
20-Oct-16 Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point First Nation and St. Clair Catholic District School Board to Sign Historic Tuition Service Agreement
18-Oct-16 St. Clair Catholic and Lambton Kent District School Boards to Share $30,000 from Noelle's Gift
18-Oct-16 St. Clair Catholic District School Board and St. Clair College Partnership Creates Shared Learning Space at St. Ursula Catholic School
14-Oct-16 CLASS Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week and Bus Driver Appreciation Day
12-Oct-16 St. Clair Catholic Elementary and Secondary Students Participate in Wellness Conferences
27-Sept-16 Board of Trustees Votes to Begin Pupil Accommodation Review of Chatham Elementary Schools
27-Sept-16 Holy Trinity Celebrates OPHEA Gold Certification with Visit by Canadian Olympian and Terry Fox Run
21-Sept-16 St. Clair Releases Results for Grade 3 and 6 EQAO; Grade 9 Math; and Grade 10 OSSLT Assessments
13-Sept-16 St. Clair Catholic District School Board and Bluewater Health Close Deal on Former St. Patrick Catholic High School Property
29-Aug-16 UCC Student Leaders Prepare to Welcome Grade 9s Through Successful Lance Link Program
19-Aug-16 CLASS First Time Rider Orientation Day

Important Letter to Chatham Elementary School Parents/Guardians Regarding Good News Funding Announcement from the Ontario Government 

June 19, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you may be aware, the Ontario Ministry of Education announced earlier today that it has approved the Board’s funding request for $26.7 million to build two new Catholic elementary schools in Chatham.  The funding also includes child care facilities at both locations.  This is tremendous news and we are very pleased that we are now able to begin moving forward with the recommendations of the Chatham Elementary Schools Pupil Accommodation Review Committee, which were approved by the Board of Trustees on March 28, 2017.

The funding announcement means that two new Catholic schools will be built in Chatham – one on the north side to replace St. Vincent, St. Agnes and Our Lady of Fatima; and one on the south side, to replace St. Joseph, St. Ursula and Georges P. Vanier.  The exact location of the new schools is still being finalized and will be announced in the coming weeks.

In addition, the Board will move forward with plans to renovate and refurbish the Our Lady of Fatima site, which will be the new home of the Chatham French Immersion program, replacing Monsignor Uyen.  We remain hopeful that all of this can be accomplished in time for the start of school in September 2019.

Of course, there is much work to do, as we move towards the September 2019 opening.  I am announcing today that I have appointed Superintendent of Education Deb Crawford, who led the public accommodation review, to lead the team of parents and school staff that will transition students from six schools to two; and our French Immersion students from Monsignor Uyen to their new home at the Our Lady of Fatima site.  More details about this will be announced in the fall.

For now, we are all extremely pleased that this project will move forward.  These new state-of-the-art facilities will provide improved educational opportunities for our Catholic families in Chatham for many generations of students to come.

I want to acknowledge again the members of the Pupil Accommodation Review Committee, both from the school communities and the parishes, who helped to shape this vision for the future.  And I especially want to thank the staff of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent, with whom we have an excellent and cooperative relationship.  Their assistance to us in this project has been extremely valuable.

On behalf of our senior administration and the Board of Trustees, let me wish you a safe, happy and healthy summer, filled with God’s blessings!


Dan Parr

Director of Education

Jun 19, 2017

Important Information About Changes to Provincial Regulations Governing Drinking Water in Schools 

June 13, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing today to make you aware of some changes to provincial regulations which govern drinking water in schools and child care centres.

Since 2007, the Ontario government has required that school boards flush water pipes in schools on a daily or weekly basis, sample and test drinking water, maintain logs and report drinking water test results of the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.  This regulation has required boards only to sample and test water for lead annually at one location in the building.

Effective July 1, 2017 amendments to the regulation will require that all fixtures used for drinking water or in the preparation of food must be flushed for 10 seconds.  The amended regulation also makes it necessary for samples to be collected and tested at every drinking water fixture in the school.  For water fountains in child care centres and for students in JK to Grade 3, boards will have until January 1, 2020 to complete the scheduled testing; for fixtures available to students in Grades 4 through 12, boards will have until January 1, 2022.  Therefore, the Board will meet the 2020 deadline for all elementary schools; and the 2022 deadline for secondary.  Fixtures not used for drinking water, such as bathroom taps and hand sinks, are not required to be tested; however, they must be posted with signage indicating that the water is not to be consumed.

In the event that levels of lead exceed ministry guidelines in a flushed sample of water, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and local public health officials must be notified.  In such a case, the fixture would be bagged off and signage would be posted to indicate the fountain is out of service and will remain so until the matter is resolved.  This can take place through a variety of measures – increased flushing, installation of a new lead-free fixture, or installation of an SNS/ANSI certified filter, which extracts lead.

The St. Clair Catholic District School Board will be working over the summer months to install the new signage and develop plans to complete the flushing and testing protocols in keeping with the ministry’s timelines.  As always, the health and safety of our students, staff and visitors to our buildings are always our number one priority.  For further information, please refer to the Fact Sheet below from the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.  If you have any questions, please contact your principal.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family a safe, relaxing and fun summer break, filled with God’s blessings! 


Dan Parr

Director of Education

Fact Sheet for Parents

Ontario Regulation 243/07 (Schools, Private Schools and Child Care Centres)
Communications for Changes Effective July 1, 2017
Safe Drinking Water in Child Care Centres and Schools

Since 2007, the Ontario government has been requiring child care centres and schools to flush the plumbing in their facilities and test their drinking water for lead. New amendments to Ontario Regulation 243/07 that take effect July 1, 2017 will now require lead testing within these facilities for all fixtures used to provide drinking water and/or prepare food or drink for children under 18.

Why does the Ontario government require child care centres and schools to test drinking water for lead?

Young children are more vulnerable to the effects of lead because they absorb ingested lead more easily than adults, which can interfere with the development of their nervous systems. In population studies, exposure to lead has been associated with effects on learning capacity, intellectual development and behavior.

How will the new rules coming into effect in July 2017 better protect children in child care centres and schools?

Ontario is proactively strengthening its regulation to protect children’s health. Studies1 show that lead levels in drinking water from plumbing can vary substantially between individual taps or fountains. Only by testing each drinking water fixture can child care centres and schools be sure that they are not exposing children to lead through any of the plumbing within their facilities.

What is the drinking water quality standard for lead?

The Ontario drinking water quality standard for lead is 10 micrograms per litre. This standard is based on a national guideline set by Health Canada.

What happens if a child care centre or school finds it has lead in its drinking water above the standard for lead?

If a child care centre or school gets a drinking water test result that is above the standard for lead, the local Medical Officer of Health will assign corrective actions to the facility and it is the facility’s responsibility to ensure those actions are carried out. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change will follow up with the facility operator and local Medical Officer of Health if necessary. These local processes have been in place since 2007 and are working well.

How can I find out the lead test results for my child’s child care centre or school?

If you have questions about measures taken by your local child care centre or school to ensure the safety of drinking water, contact your local child care centre, school, or school board.

Why are child care centres and schools required to flush their plumbing?

Flushing has been shown to reduce lead levels in drinking water fixtures. By flushing plumbing and fixtures, water that may have come in contact with lead plumbing is replaced with fresh water. How often a facility has to flush their plumbing and fixtures depends on several factors including the age of the plumbing, previous lead test results or if a device that removes lead, such as a filter, has been installed on a fixture.

How are people exposed to lead?

Lead is a naturally occurring element. Lead has many industrial uses and has been found in water systems since the late 1800s. It is also present in soil, food and indoor dust. Over the past few decades, exposure to lead has significantly decreased due to restrictions in the use of lead in gasoline, paint and solder.

How does lead get into drinking water?

Ontario’s surface and groundwater generally does not contain lead. If lead does occur naturally, the concentrations are typically extremely low and below the drinking water standard for lead. Where there are concentrations of lead in drinking water above the standard, the likely cause is from the lead pipes servicing the premises, lead solder used in the plumbing or fixtures containing high percentages of lead.

Lead pipe service connections have been used to deliver water from distribution pipes since the late 1800s. Older buildings (generally those built before the mid-1950s) are more likely to have lead connections. By 1990, the amount of lead in solder that could be used in drinking water plumbing was substantially reduced.

The amount of lead leaching into drinking water from these components depends largely on the chemical characteristics of the water. In certain circumstances, extended contact between standing water and the components can cause the lead to be released from the pipes. When the tap is turned on, water that has been standing in the pipes may have accumulated lead levels higher than Ontario’s standard for lead.

How can I get the water in my home tested for lead?

If you suspect that you have lead service pipes or lead plumbing in your home, you may wish to have your tap water tested for lead. Some municipalities in Ontario have programs that help residents test their drinking water for lead. Contact your municipality for more information about your water service pipes and what is available in your community.

Alternatively, you can arrange your own drinking water lead test through a licensed laboratory. Visit https://www.ontario.ca/page/laboratories-licensed-test-lead to view a list of laboratories licensed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change to test for lead or call the ministry’s Public Information Centre at 1-800-565-4923.

For more information:



1 World Health Organization: Lead Poisoning and Blood. http://www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/fs379/en/


Jun 13, 2017

St. Clair Catholic and LKDSB Host Experiential Learning Advisory Council Events Aimed at Strengthening the Future Workforce 

The St. Clair Catholic and Lambton Kent district school boards have partnered to host two Experiential Learning Advisory Council events focused on fostering partnerships between educators and the community to promote hands-on, inquiry-based learning for students and to support the development of a highly skilled workforce.

Local community partners have been invited to attend breakfast events held on June 7 at the Holiday Inn, Point Edward, and June 14 at the Links of Kent, Chatham, from 7:30-9:30 a.m. During these sessions, participants will learn about the benefits of providing experiential learning opportunities for students. From skill-building to mentorship, the event is aimed at broadening the experiential learning resources available to educators and encourage new partnerships between schools and industry.

"The demand for a highly skilled workforce challenges educators and industry professionals to work together to meet the future needs of our communities," said Jim Costello, Director of Education, Lambton Kent District School Board. "The Experiential Learning Advisory Council Breakfast is an opportunity to network with community partners to discuss opportunities for resource sharing, hands-on learning and mentorship of our students."

"Our Board is committed to expanding our students’ abilities to learn more about and to pursue the many exciting and rewarding careers in the skilled trades," says Dan Parr, Director of Education, St. Clair Catholic District School Board. "We thank our many community partners who are helping us to take important steps towards achieving that goal."

Community members interested in attending the event or partnering with the Lambton Kent and St. Clair Catholic district school boards in support of experiential learning opportunities are encouraged to contact Nicole Beuckelare at Nicole.Beuckelare@lkdsb.net or Warren Seton at Warren.Seton@st-clair.net.

Members of the media are welcome to attend.


For additional information please contact:

Jane Bryce, Chair of the Lambton Kent District School Board, 519-899-2619

Jim Costello, Director of Education, Lambton Kent District School Board, 519-336-1500, Ext 31297

John Van Heck, Chair, St. Clair Catholic District School Board, 519-627-2908

Dan Parr, Director of Education, St. Clair Catholic District School Board, 519-627-6762, Ext. 10241

For reference information contact:

Heather Hughes, Public Relations Officer, 519-336-1500, Ext. 31262

Todd Lozon, Supervisor – Communications and Community Relations, 519-627-6762, Ext. 10243

Jun 08, 2017

Integrated Delivery of Rehabilitation Services Special Needs Strategy 

Letter to Families

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As a family whose child may be receiving or waiting for rehabilitation services (speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy), we are writing to provide you with an update on upcoming improvements to the delivery of children’s rehabilitation services in your community. 

As you may know, in 2014 the government launched the Special Needs Strategy in response to feedback received from families to improve the timeliness, effectiveness and coordination of the services that children and youth with special needs require to fully participate at home, at school, in the community and to achieve goals for adulthood.

A key initiative of the Special Needs Strategy is the integrated delivery of rehabilitation services, including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language pathology, for children and youth from birth to school exit.

Over the past year, service providers – including community-based Preschool Speech and Language providers, District School Boards, Community Care Access Centres and Children’s Treatment Centres – in communities across the province have worked to develop locally integrated, family-centred ways to deliver children’s rehabilitation services to improve family service experiences and outcomes for children and youth with special needs. In doing so, service providers have engaged with families and youth in our communities to seek their input.

Click Here for More ...

May 02, 2017

Important Notice: All Outdoor School Space Rentals to be Processed Through Community Use of Schools 

Effective May 1, 2017, the St. Clair Catholic and Lambton Kent district school boards are transitioning the administration of all outdoor school space rentals to the Chatham-Kent Lambton Administrative School Services (CLASS). 

As you may already know, CLASS has been coordinating the indoor school space rentals for both boards since 2010 so this change creates operational efficiencies for all school space rentals by the community.  This centralized coordination approach will also ensure a consistent, transparent process for all applications and appropriate liability coverage for rental events.

With this transition, groups seeking to rent outdoor school space will follow the same online application process as currently in place for indoor rentals (found at http://www.communityuseofschools.ca/ ).   The Boards have also established a common set of rules and regulations pertaining to outdoor space rentals and have agreed not to introduce new rental charges for use of the outdoor space.  Groups seeking outdoor space rentals will be required to pay the nominal permit application processing fee (same as indoor space rentals) and furnish proof of insurance or obtain coverage through OSBIE.

From a rental approval process perspective, all outdoor space applications will follow the same established process as is used for indoor rental applications.  That collaborative process includes participation from school administrators, custodial supervisors and the CLASS Community Use of School offices in reaching an approval decision.  Permit applications for outdoor space will also be processed using the existing eBase software; minor modifications have been made to include outdoor spaces in the software and there is nothing further required of school administrators.

We anticipate this new outdoor space rental application process through CLASS will be an administrative resource to further support schools and the Boards in fulfilling the Ministry of Education’s vision for schools to be community hubs.

Both school boards are working with CLASS to transfer information regarding current rental agreements for outdoor facilities. However, to support this transition, we encourage you to contact the Community Use of Schools office as soon as possible, to ensure the rental of the outdoor facility for this spring/summer is processed in the rental software and appropriate details are addressed.  Should you have any questions about this, or any school rental matters, do not hesitate to contact Kris Davis or Kent Orr, phone 519-627-0835 or visit http://www.communityuseofschools.ca/

Apr 26, 2017

Update: Letter to Parents, Athletes and Coaches Regarding the 2017 Soccer Season from LKSSAA Coordinator James Clarke 

Soccer Update:

To: Coaches, Athletes and Parents

We are pleased to announce that Lambton Kent Secondary School Athletic Association (LKSSAA) has signed a two-year contract with the Ontario Soccer Association, which will be in place until the end of the 2017-2018 school year. With a contract in place, the LKSSAA soccer season will begin this week.

The convenor of the soccer league is currently drafting new schedules to meet the shortened season.  All games scheduled for Tuesday, April 25 have been removed from the schedule.  A new schedule for the 2017 season will be released on April 25.

Thanks for your patience and support during this process.


James Clarke

LKSSAA Coordinator

Apr 24, 2017

Important Letter from Scott Johnson, Superintendent of Education Regarding the 2017 LKSSAA Soccer Season 

April 24, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The Lambton Kent Secondary School Athletic Association’s (LKSSAA) Executive has been working with the Ontario Soccer Association in an attempt to reach a Memorandum of Understanding as it relates to soccer officials. The Ontario Soccer Association is the governing body that oversees the officials required for all sanctioned St. Clair Catholic District School Board soccer games.

Without a Memorandum of Understanding in place, St. Clair Catholic boys’ and girls’ soccer games cannot take place and, as such, LKSSAA has decided to postpone all games scheduled for today, Monday, April 24. If no agreement is reached by early next week, LKSSAA’s Executive, in consultation with physical education curriculum leaders across the St. Clair Catholic District School Board, may cancel the 2017 soccer season.

LKSSAA continues to work with the Ontario Soccer Association in hopes of reaching a resolution for the 2017 season. One of the outstanding issues involves the sharing of personal student information, which LKSSAA is legally prohibited from doing so under the Education Act and Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Sanctioned officials by the Ontario Soccer Association are required to ensure the games are run safely and students are not put at risk. In order for an individual to officiate at a soccer game within our school board, the official must be sanctioned by the Ontario Soccer Association. Ontario Soccer Association-sanctioned games are also required for participation in SWOSSAA and OFSAA.

Both LKSSAA and St. Clair Catholic place students’ safety first, and concerns for protection of student privacy and liability inform these decisions.

LKSSAA has notified all St. Clair Catholic principals and physical education curriculum leaders about this change and understands the concerns this may cause students, staff, parents and guardians, as teams have formed and practices have already taken place. In the event the season is cancelled, school administration with work with coaches to notify players and parents/guardians, and determine the best approach for returning fees collected for the soccer season.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your principal


Scott Johnson

Superintendent of Education

Apr 24, 2017

Important Letter to Parents/Guardians of Chatham Elementary Schools Regarding Board of Trustees Approval of Pupil Accommodation Review Report 

March 29, 2017

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am pleased to report to you that at last night’s Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees, the recommendations of the Pupil Accommodation Review Committee (PARC) regarding the Chatham elementary schools review were approved.

Specifically, this means the Board has moved forward with its application to the Ministry of Education for capital funding to build two brand new schools, one in north Chatham to serve the communities of St. Vincent, St. Agnes and Our Lady of Fatima Catholic schools; and one in south Chatham to serve the communities of St. Joseph, Georges P. Vanier and St. Ursula Catholic schools.  In addition, the French Immersion program at Monsignor Uyen Catholic School would be relocated to a fully refurbished Our Lady of Fatima.  The proposed timeline for the new schools to open and the French Immersion program to be relocated is September 2019. 

In addition to these changes the Board of Trustees has also directed, that upon Ministry funding approval, staff will incorporate into the design of the new schools and the refurbished Our Lady of Fatima, wherever possible within funding parameters, a number of special considerations with respect to the new facilities as outlined in the final report.  The staff would also be directed to incorporate into the transition plan for students, again wherever possible within funding parameters, the PARC’s special considerations with respect to transition matters. 

The full report, which sets out in detail both the recommendation and the special considerations, is found on the Pupil Accommodation Review page of the Board website at www.st-clair.net  The specific motions which were approved by the Board of Trustees are printed on the reverse of this letter.

It is important to note that final approval now rests with officials of the Ministry of Education.

I again want to thank the members of the Pupil Accommodation Review Committee, our parish representatives, our Chatham elementary school principals and Superintendent of Education Deb Crawford, for their leadership throughout this review.  As a result of their hard work and commitment to this process, we have a bold plan for the future, which will result in state-of-the-art learning environments and improved educational opportunities, not only for your children, but for many, many generations of Catholic students to come!

We now await a decision from the Ministry of Education.  We will report back to you as soon as we have a response from the Ministry regarding our funding application.



Dan Parr

Director of Education

Chatham Pupil Accommodation Review

Motions Approved by the Board of Trustees

March 28, 2017

  • That, subject to funding approval from the Ontario Ministry of Education, the St. Clair Catholic District School Board approve the construction of two 564 pupil place schools – one in north Chatham for the students of Our Lady of Fatima, St. Agnes and St. Vincent Catholic schools with an anticipated opening of September 2019; and one in south Chatham for the students of Georges P. Vanier, St. Joseph and St. Ursula Catholic schools with an anticipated opening of September 2019.

  • That, subject to funding approval from the Ontario Ministry of Education, the St. Clair Catholic District School Board approve the relocation of the French Immersion program from Monsignor Uyen Catholic School to a newly refurbished Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, with an anticipated opening date of September 2019.

  • That the St. Clair Catholic District School Board approve the boundaries of the new south Chatham school to be redrawn as set out in Option A of the Initial Staff Report (September 2016); however, all current students and future siblings will be “grandfathered” and given the choice to attend either the newly constructed school, as directed under current boundaries, or be directed to St. Anne (Blenheim) or St. Joseph (Tilbury) as directed under the newly-drawn boundaries; and further that the current boundary for St. Vincent Catholic School not be changed, so that all current and future students in the existing St. Vincent boundary will be directed to the new north Chatham school.

  • That the St. Clair Catholic District School Board direct staff to incorporate in the design of the new schools and the refurbished Our Lady of Fatima, wherever possible within the funding parameters set by the Ministry of Education, the special considerations with respect to facilities as outlined by the Pupil Accommodation Review Committee in the recommendations section of the February 14, 2017 Final Report.

  • That the St. Clair Catholic District School Board direct staff to incorporate in the transition plan for students, wherever possible within funding parameters, the special considerations with respect to transition matters as outlined by the Pupil Accommodation Review Committee in the recommendations section of the February 14, 2017 Final Report.

  • That effective September 2019, following the opening of the new schools and the relocation of the French Immersion program to Our Lady of Fatima, the school buildings for St. Agnes, St. Vincent, Monsignor Uyen, Georges P. Vanier, St. Joseph and St. Ursula be closed and declared surplus according to the terms of Ontario Regulation 444/98.

Mar 29, 2017

CLASS Launches Free Mobile App "MySBI" 

Getting information about school bus cancellations and delays just got a little bit easier.

Chatham-Kent Lambton Administrative School Services (CLASS), which provides transportation services to students of the St. Clair Catholic and Lambton Kent District school boards, has launched a new mobile app that will provide subscribers with real-time notifications whenever buses are delayed by 10 minutes or greater.  The notifications will come in the form of alerts, which will also include service cancellations due to adverse weather conditions.

"We are pleased to offer this new service to help keep our students and families informed with the most up-to-date information in the unlikely event of delays or cancellations," says Kent Orr, CLASS General Manager.

The app allows subscribers to quickly select the morning and afternoon buses for which they wish to receive updates from a simple drop down menu for either school board.

Bus delay and weather cancellation information will also continue to be posted on the CLASS website at www.schoolbusinfo.com

For additional information about using the mobile app, please visit www.mysbi.ca

Mar 22, 2017
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