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May 07, 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Catholic Education Foundation of Ontario has produced a 35-minute documentary, which celebrates the legacy of the many contributions of religious congregations to Catholic education in Ontario from the mid-19th century to today.  It is now posted to our Board website at:


The film features interviews with teachers, students, historians and members of Religious Congregations across Ontario, who help to tell the story of the over 70 communities and their formative influence on education in Ontario. This documentary explores the heroic history of these Religious Congregations, both English and French, as they built the infrastructure that was to become the Catholic School System of Ontario.

We witness students from Stratford who journey to Toronto to participate in the World Climate March. Students from Southern Ontario visit remote First Nations villages north of Superior to learn more about Indigenous culture as a response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s call for action.  These young people from the south experience the beauty of Native spirituality through smudging ceremonies and hoop dances. It is the story of heroic individuals, who were inspired to cross oceans and to live in hostile environments in service of their faith. And it is a story without an ending, as it will be the new generation of teachers, entering the vocation of education in the Catholic system who will write its next chapters. 

The producers of the film have provided the questions and information below to help guide your thoughts and reflections as you view the film.

Questions Before the Film

  1. What would be the defining characteristics of a school that you would want to be part of?
  2. In what ways can Catholic schools contribute to public betterment or social change?
  3. What do you know about the beginnings of Separate Schools in Ontario?  When were they officially recognized and who were the leading characters

Questions After the Film

  1. Name three images and three sounds that were memorable for you.  Would you share them with others who viewed the film?  Why are they particularly memorable to you?
  2. What does Prof. McGowan mean when he says “robbing Peter to pay Paul?”
  3. Is there anything that surprised you about the history of Catholic education in the province of Ontario?
  4. What are some of the new roles that Religious Congregations who staffed an administered Catholic schools are currently engaged in?  Are there examples in the film?
  5. What steps would you like to see taken by schools and boards to further the cause of reconciliation with Native people?
  6. What shoulders have you stood upon in your journey through Catholic education?

As we celebrate Catholic Education Week in Ontario, I encourage you to watch this important film with your family. It is a film for those who want to know more about the legacy of Catholic education in the province of Ontario; that we might know and appreciate on whose shoulders we stand. 


Deb Crawford

Director of Education

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Media Releases
Media Release
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04-May-18 Catholic Education 'Renewing The Promise" is the Theme for Catholic Education Week 2018
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24-Apr-18 Board Approves Appointment of Student Trustees
27-Mar-18 Director of Education Announces Principal and Vice Principal Transfers Effective September 2018
27-Mar-18 St. Clair Catholic Trustees receive Report on Board Calendar for the 2018-2019 School Year
27-Feb-18 St. Patrick's Grade 11 Communications Tech Class Receives Prestigious Ontario Heritage Award
01-Feb-18 Province Approves $17 Million in Funding for New Catholic School and Child Care in Sarnia
26-Jan-18 Ministry of Education Approves $534,421 for New Child Care Spaces at Holy Trinity Catholic School in Sarnia
19-Dec-17 "Blessing of the Ground" Kick-off Celebration to be held at Site of New North Chatham School
05-Dec-17 John Van Heck Acclaimed Chair of the Board; Michelle Parks Acclaimed Vice Chair
28-Nov-17 2017 Director's Annual Report Presented to St. Clair Catholic Board of Trustees
08-Nov-17 Director of Education Announces Mid-Year Principal and Vice Principal Transfers
24-Oct-17 Our Lady of Fatima Principal Lisa Demers Appointed Superintendent of Education
12-Oct-17 CLASS Celebrates National School Bus Safety Week and Bus Driver Appreciation Day
20-Sept-17 St. Clair Catholic Releases Results for Grade 3 and 6 EQAO, Grade 9 Math; and Grade 10 OSSLT Assessments
06-Sept-17 Deb Crawford named new St. Clair Catholic Director of Education, Effective January 1, 2018
29-Aug-17 Board Announces Location of New North Chatham Elementary School
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New Exterior Wall Assembly, Universal Washroom and In-Coming Water Service

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653-CP1901 Construction of New North Chatham Catholic Elementary School
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Holy Family Catholic School
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725-CP1829 & 725-CP1831 Ursuline College Chatham Emergency & Partial Roof Replacement

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725-CP1829 - Accent Roofing & Siding

725-CP1831 - Gillett Roofing Inc.


Surplus Sale:

The St. Clair Catholic District School Board is pleased to announce that our Surplus Material is now available on line!

Material that has been deemed surplus by the Board will be posted online for sale to the public.

Current St. Clair Catholic District School Board items posted for auction:

Visit the Government Surplus Online Auction.

Bidders will have to register with GovDeals - GovDeals Customer Service at 1-800-613-0456.

Thank you for your interest in the St. Clair Catholic District School Board. The following career opportunities are open for both employee and public application.

Please note that only applicants selected for an interview will be contacted.


Teaching Positions:

For Teaching positions we are using Apply to Education. If you wish to be considered please ensure that you are registered with www.applytoeducation.com. Instructions on how to create an account in Apply to Education are attached here.

Individuals wishing to apply to the St. Clair Catholic District School Board for a Teaching position are asked to follow the Application Process for External Teachers and New Faculty Graduates.  Applications are only accepted through “Apply to Education”, our external service provider.

Faith Journey Guidelines for Teacher Applicants

Catholic Pastoral Reference

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Non-Teaching Positions:

For Non-Teaching positions, submit a resume and cover letter as per instructions on the posting.  If applying to a specific position posted, please ensure  to include the job posting number in the email subject line.

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