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Nov 14, 2017

Update #2 - November 14, 2017

St. Clair Catholic District School Board

Chatham Elementary Schools
Construction Projects

User Committee Provides Input into Design of New Elementary Schools

The last of five scheduled meetings of the Chatham Elementary Schools User Committee will be held November 20.  The committee, which is made of up teachers, support staff and representatives of Curriculum, Special Education, Information Technology and Facility Services, has been meeting to provide input to assist the architect in building design concepts.  Also included in the discussions, was all relevant information that was brought forward by members of the Pupil Accommodation Review Committee (PARC) during the accommodation review process.

The information gathered from the User Committee will be built into the design plans for both the north and south Chatham elementary schools.  

At the Regular Board Meeting of November 28, project architect, Alison Hannay, will present to the Board of Trustees a schematic design of the north elementary school.  Although it may not be in its final form, it will be the first visual rendering of the building - an exciting step in the process!

The Board wishes to express its tremendous appreciation to the members of the Chatham Elementary Schools User Committee for their time and great expertise.  They are:  Brenda Corchis, Janet Boyle, Sara Vadovic, Heather Griffioen, Paul Amato, Cathy Bechard, Cathy Stuart, Deb McCabe, John Davis, Marcie Myers, Tony Montanino, Lisa Demers, Amy Janssens and Deb Crawford.  The committee was chaired by Alison Hannay, Cornerstone Architecture Incorporated.

Next Steps in the Process - North, South and OLOF Site

North Elementary School Update

  • Soil sampling will be completed in the near future at the construction site, 801 McNaughton Avenue, W., Chatham
  • In addition to the presentation of the schematic design, the results of a traffic study will be presented at the November 28 Regular Board Meeting.  Following a review by Trustees, the results of the study will be forwarded to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

South Elementary School Update

  • As indicated in the last update, property selection in the north was relatively straight forward, as the Board owned the McNaughton, W. property.  However in south Chatham, property acquisition has been more challenging.
  • Administration is actively engaged in discussions regarding a suitable site for the school.  As it takes two full years from property acquisition to project completion, the opening of the south Chatham school will not meet the original target of September 2019.

Our Lady of Fatima Site Update

  • A study is underway to determine future needs of the school’s mechanical and electrical systems.  Any upgrades will need to be completed at the time of building renovation.  The building’s structure is also under review.
  • Wilson Dias Architects Inc. has been selected to lead the project and a staff User Committee will be established in the near future to provide input regarding design concepts, similar to the north and south school projects.
  • The architect will begin to develop a schematic design and when completed a public meeting will be held, sometime early in the New Year, to share details about the design and the scope of the renovations with the school community.

Establishment of Transition Committees - January 2018

Although it may seem early in the process, the time is approaching for us to develop Transition Committees, made up of principals, staff, parish partners, parents and senior students, who will help guide the process of bringing six schools together into two brand new school communities; and for Monsignor Uyen to transition to the newly renovated school at the OLOF site. 

We will begin a call for members and setting the terms and mandates for the committees in the New Year; however, the scope of the work is likely to include establishing school colours and mascots, names for the new schools, events to bring students together in the new school communities and planning opening and blessing celebrations.  Additional responsibilities may be added once the committees begin their work.   Stay tuned for more details about these important committees in January!

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The St. Clair Catholic District School Board is pleased to announce that our Surplus Material is now available on line!

Material that has been deemed surplus by the Board will be posted online for sale to the public.

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French Immersion Teacher - Primary (FDK) - Job Posting# 2245968 Monsignor Uyen, Chatham LTO - FTE 1.00 November 20, 2017
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Adult Supervisor Gregory A. Hogan Catholic School, Sarnia Casual/Call-in November 14, 2017



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