Ursuline College Chatham

85 Grand Avenue West
Chatham, Ontario N7L 1B6

Phone: 519-351-2987 Fax: 519-351-0283




*Please carry your student card at all times, you will scan it for borrowing chrome books, laptops and books

* Lancer Commons hours: 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

* All students are to be uniform (no hats)

* No eating or drinking in the Lancer Commons

* Please respect those working around you in the commons

* Photo copying will available in the Lancer Commons

* Students will not be charged for printing school documents- students enter student number to retrieve printing and to make copies

* When using chrome books, please report if any parts or missing, damaged or not working properly


Student Cards

*Have your picture taken even if you will not be purchasing them. Student cards are FREE and you will be sent a student card to keep for borrowing technology, books, and also to use for discounts towards, bussing, restaurants, and select retail establishments.


Chrome Books

* 32 chrome books are ready for your use. 

* Currently we have one tower holding 16 chrome books. These are available for classroom use in the library and also personal use in the library

* Kiosk available at front desk for individual chrome book circulation, scan student card and then scan chrome book


Book Requests

* If you have any requests for new titles a “book requests jar” is on the front desk     

* We are interested in what you enjoy reading


Thanks in advance to a successful and exciting year!!

Enjoy our beautiful new Lancer Commons!

* If you need anything at all, please ask *