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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Students are asked not to walk on the property of Meadow Park Nursing Home.  We would ask that you please respect the privacy of the residents there.

Attention all Lancers for Life! Please note we have a meeting change. We will now be meeting today after school if you are able to attend. Bring your art supplies and recruitment ideas.

Congratulations to all members of the UCC tennis team on capturing the Kent Team Cup at the LKSSAA south for the first time since its inception in 2006!  10 of 16 players will be moving on to LKSSAA to face off players from the Sarnia area.  An all UCC boys doubles final saw Tom Bondy and Brayden DeGelas narrowly defeat Carson Kiriakopoulos and Fraser Heuvelmans. Mixed winners were Samantha Lozon and Seb Stubberfield. Girls Doubles Champs were Mary Bondy and GIllian Wells. Simon Brecka took the boys singles and Olivia Lozon finished 3rd in a tough international girls singles draw.   Great thanks for the effort of the remaining players who narrowly missed a chance to advance.  Practice resumes today after school.  All players welcome. 

Enviro Club will be cancelled this week.  Anyone with permission forms for the Erie Beach Clean Up Excursion can bring them to Mrs. Lucarelli in Room 916. 

Reminder to all co-op students of your in-class today. 

Hey UCC, did you know that we recycled over 154 lbs of battery waste last year?  That’s amazing! Let’s keep moving forward with redirecting toxic waste. With the Fall Clean UP of the yard, garage and home; remember to recycle and redirect toxic waste to specific depots.  With that said, be sure to redirect those dead batteries to the UCC battery recycling station outside the greenhouse. Let’s do our part! 

Did you know Canada is in an election campaign? Although most UCC students are too young to vote in the real election, on October 18th, you will get a chance to vote in the Student Vote. Student Vote gives students from across Canada a chance to vote in the Federal Election. Your votes will combined with votes from around the country to see what impact young people would have if they could vote. On October 18th, you will be asked to cast a ballot. Please be informed - it is your civic duty! 

If you did not get your Grade 9 Math EQAO results on Monday please see Mr. Cowan in the math office on your lunch. 


Turkey dog with fries and soft drink or Jet juice $4.99

Turkey dog $2.99

Hamburger (4oz) $3.99

Salads, sandwiches, cookies, bagels, muffins

Homemade Pizza $3.60

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