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The energy in the school has changed over the past few weeks.  The halls were alive with vibrant excitement of a dynamic school filled with academics, arts, sports, and extra-curricular.  Now the school is filled with excitement of summer and nervousness of pending exams. 

Our Celebration of Life year-end mass has been celebrated.  Our performance of “In the Heights” is completed.  Muskoka Woods Experience was a great success.  Lancer Link leaders work with our grade nines is concluded and they have passed the torch on to new recruits.  Music and dance recitals have been performed.  Athletic teams completed successful seasons and clubs are wrapped up for the school year.  The OSSLT has been written and EQAO Grade 9 math assessment is days away. The classrooms are in their final preparations for exams.  It is a different feel in the school these days.  A feeling of great accomplishment and closure.  It is also a feeling of success.  Another wonderful year with so much to be proud of.  Amazing students accomplishing amazing things supported by equally amazing staff.  What a wonderful school year!

Our final culminating performance yet to be celebrated is our Graduation.  Soon, 275+ students will walk across the stage and officially end their time at Ursuline College Chatham.  UCC’s success stories are being sent out to make their mark on the world.  We are in good hands!

I congratulate the hard work of all students and staff for their success this year.

As we head into the summer, know that efforts are being made to look ahead to 2019-2020 and determine ways to improve the experience of your children while at UCC.  We will examine the success of our year and shortfalls.  Our goal is to provide a rich Catholic education that develops the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual development of our students.  We thank all the parents, guardians and community support UCC has received this year.  Throughout this year, we had the power to make amazing positive changes in our lives and in the lives of those, we meet.  Our chaplain spoke many times of our call to “Lead like Jesus” this year.  I think so many of our students, staff and parents did exactly that this year. Thank you for being such a positive and faith fill agent of change in our UCC community.

On behalf of the administration and the entire UCC staff, we wish all families an amazing summer filled with rest and relaxation.  Be safe, and take care of each other until we meet again in the fall.

Lancer Loud!  Lancer Proud!

Ray Power

Jun 11, 2019