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Living Our Faith


The Board Mission St​atement:

Walking together in Christ's light with parish and family, we are called to build a safe and inclusive Catholic learning community and to serve as partners in the formation of life-long learners by:


  • living our faith;
  • promoting educational achievement and innovation;
  • fostering stewardship, leadership and social justice.




Board Mission Prayer

Thank You for calling us to share in Your work

through the gift of Catholic Education.
As we walk together in Christ’s light

with our families and parishes,
strengthen us as we strive to embrace the call of the Gospel,
and bring new life and hope to our world.
As we work to build inclusive and safe Catholic learning communities,

may we be witnesses to Your love and inspire excellence.

God of All,
Help us serve our young people as we live our faith.
May they grow in their love of learning and love of You.
May they be blessed with courage and perseverance.
Help them to find their true identity in You and

empower them to be good stewards,
building a world of reverence, peace, justice and joy.

We ask this through Jesus,

the One who teaches us how to live and serve.




live like Jesus Called to Serve


3 Minute Retreat Link

Spiritual Works of Mercy Poster
The Corporal Works of Mercy
The Corporal Works of Mercy Poster
The Corporal Works of Mercy Poster
Spiritual Works of Mercy Poster

The scrolling pictures above show the Works of Mercy winning posters.

These posters are in every classroom in our system to help teach about the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. 

They are a beautiful part of our tradition and they give everyday examples of how to live faith.
Congratulations to Georgia, Emma, Sienna, Tracy and Jake. 
Thanks to everyone who submitted a poster for giving glory to God by sharing your talents.




The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

are being highlighted in our schools.  

They are part of our Catholic tradition

and they can be described as character traits that one would observe
in someone who is trying to live a life of faith
under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Expect to find these highlighted in our schools this term.

selfcontrol Postcard.PNG

kindness postcard.PNG

patience postcard.PNG

faithfulness postcard.PNG

joy postcard.PNG

love postcard.PNG

generosity postcard.PNG

8 April peace postcard.PNG

9 may modesty postcard.PNG

10 June gentleness postcard.PNG

Month Monthly Virtues starting in the 2016/17 Year (Taken from the Fruits of the Holy Spirit) Related Ontario Catholic School Graduate Expectations / Theological Virtues
September Self-Control Responsible Citizen
October Kindness Reflective and Creative Thinker
November Faithfulnes Effective Communicator
December Joy Collaborative Contributor
January Patience Life-long Learner
February Love Caring Family Member
March Generosity Practicing Believer
April Peace Faith
May Modesty Hope
June Gentleness Love / Charity

Click Here for resources for staff to help teach these Fruits of the Holy Spirit. 


Daily Inspiration Link

Please use

above links to visit

Loyola Press (www.loyolapress.com) for these

and other prayer resources.

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Interactive Liturgical Calendar


Interactive Liturgical Calendar


year of mercy logo image Merciful like the Father

Prayer of Mercy

Lord Jesus, Good Shepherd,

You are always good, loving and merciful.

Help me love others as You love me.

Help me be good, kind and patient.

Most of all, help me be forgiving and merciful, just as You are to me.