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St. Michael Catholic School in Bright's Grove is working with the City of Sarnia, students and the Catholic School Parent Council to help get more students active.

The partnership with the City of Sarnia and the Lambton Kent District School Board is being funded by an 18-month $102,000 Active School Travel Grant from the Ontario government and Green Communities Canada.

The aim of the initiative is to encourage more students to walk or bike to school, while also working to reduce traffic in school zones.  The first step is to collect data and to identify barriers, which could include a lack of sidewalks or heavy traffic areas.  Then an action plan will be developed in consultation with the school and the City.

"This is a tremendous partnership," says Steve DeGurse.  "The objective ties in with our curriculum, which also encourages students to adopt active and healthy lifestyles.  We are anxious to move forward with this plan."


Nov 08, 2019


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