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It's official!

St. Angela Merici Catholic School is the name of the new north Chatham Catholic elementary school, currently under construction on McNaughton Avenue, W. in Chatham.

The name was officially endorsed by the Board of Trustees at the May 28, 2019 Regular Meeting.

"We are pleased to endorse St. Angela Merici Catholic School as the name of the new school," says John Van Heck, Chair of the Board.  "It is a fitting choice, which honours the Ursuline Sisters, who brought Catholic education to Chatham in 1860 and have done so much through the years to support it."

The name was selected as the one most valued by the community through a 19 day Thoughtexchange online consultation, which resulted in 346 participants suggesting 227 names and rating the suggestions of others 17,792 times.  The multiple suggestions of St. Angela Merici emerged as the clear choice.

Sister Angela was an Italian educator, who founded an organization which later became the Ursuline Order.  The Ursulines spread throughout Europe and North America and it was the Ursuline Sisters who eventually brought Catholic education to Chatham, with the arrival from France of Mother Xavier in 1860.

The selection was forwarded to the Office of the Bishop for his blessing.  Bishop Fabbro responded in a letter to the Board, saying the name is an "...excellent choice, given the great history of the Ursuline Sisters in Catholic education in Chatham..."

The Board has also received an email from the Ursuline Sisters, which notes that they are "honoured and humbled" by the name selection.

The North Chatham Catholic Elementary School Transition Committee, which forwarded the results of the community consultation to the Board for endorsement, will now meet in the fall to begin discussions on a team mascot and school colours for St. Angela Merici Catholic School.

Watch the St. Clair Action News Team story about the name selection at: https://youtu.be/MHAMDbkYN5M


May 29, 2019


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