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Students and staff at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Wyoming have attained 'gold' status from EcoSchools Canada for the second year in a row.

"We were thrilled to hear that the environmental projects we worked on throughout the school year have once again been recognized by EcoSchools Canada," says Margaret DeGurse, Principal of Holy Rosary Catholic School.

The school continued some of the projects that began last year and took on new ones.  Student collected markers and pens that were donated to Crayola and Staples to be recycled.  A successful battery collection program through the County of Lambton was also continued this year.

"These projects are important because they reduce the waste stream by diverting these materials from our landfills," says Mrs. DeGurse.

In addition, the students have done great deal of work in the school yard habitat.  Each class is tending a raised garden bed, where they are growing tomatoes, green peppers, cantaloupe, beans, carrots and squash.  A decision will be made during the fall harvest whether to use the food as part of the school's student nutrition program or donate it to a local food bank.

The school also planted 11 trees this year, through a partnership with Lambton Public Health, TD Friends of the Environment and the Tomorrow's Greener Schools Today program.

"Our EcoSchools projects have given our students a better understanding of how important our environment is to our future on the planet," says Mrs. DeGurse.  "Through our learning, we are becoming better stewards of God's creation."

Mrs. DeGurse says she is looking forward to hearing what types of projects the students will want to pursue next year.

In the photos (top) Principal Margaret DeGurse poses with members of the EcoSchools Leadership Team and (right) one of 11 trees planted on the school property through the Tomorrow's Greener Schools Today program.


Jun 27, 2019


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