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Mandatory Safety Equipment for All Buses Performing CLASS Routes - September 2019

As part of CLASS's commitment to student safety and continuous improvement, a number of safety enhancement features have become mandatory for all school buses transporting students for the Lambton Kent and St. Clair Catholic district school boards.

Effective September 2019, the following safety features have been implemented into all school buses performing CLASS routes:

  •   Global Positioning Systems (GPS) integrated with routing software in “real time”
  •   External rooftop strobe lights for greater visibility
  •   Child Check Mechanisms that provide audio / visual notification if the cross-check for children remaining on the bus at end of the route was not completed correctly
  • Digital video surveillance systems for on board safety & security

CLASS has also expanded the number of exterior forward-facing video cameras focused on school bus stop arms to capture stop-arm violations.  As of September 2019, nearly 20 percent of the school buses performing CLASS routes (57 vehicles) are equipped with this important safety feature.

“We are very pleased with the continued modernization of our school bus fleet by our contracted bus operators, and their collaboration with CLASS in adopting important safety features to support student safety” says Kent Orr, General Manager of CLASS.

For additional information contact:

Kent Orr, General Manager 519-627-6860 ext. 407

Sep 23, 2019


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