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Sacred Heart Catholic School

1411 Lecaron Avenue
Sarnia, Ontario N7V 3J1

Phone: (519) 344-1601 Fax: (519) 344-3886

Monday, February 12

  • Happy 100th Day of School
  • Monday Liturgy @ 12:20pm
  • Senior Girls BB practice at lunch hour
  • Senior Girls BB AWAY game at St. Michael in Bright’s Grove @ 2:20pm
  • Chess Club at lunch hour
  • Parish connections @ lunch hour (knitting, crochet, learning about the Church)
  • High School Musical rehearsal 3:15pm to 4:15pm in the music room

Tuesday, February 13 – Shrove Tuesday (Mardi Gras)

  • Senior Boys BB practice after school to 4:10pm
  • Chess Club at lunch hour
  • St. Valentine Day activities – Red, White, and Pink Day
  •    Pancake Day:
    • pancakes will be served to all students (donations excepted – see School Cash On Line)
    • If you are able to come and help flip pancakes, it would be greatly appreciated. 10AM. (let your child’s teacher or the office know if you can help). THANKS!
    • If you have an electric griddle that you could lend us for the day; it would be appreciated too.
  •    Winter CarnavalBonhomme and La Reine will be here today to help us celebrate Carnaval in the afternoon. There are a lot of outdoor activities planned.

Please make sure that your children come with the proper winter attire.

Wednesday, February 14ASH WEDNESDAY

  • Ash Wednesday Mass  - at the Church at 12:45pm
  • Senior Boys BB practice at lunch hour
  • Chess Club at lunch hour

Thursday, February 15

  •    Grade 8 students visiting St. Pat’s in the morning
  •    Senior Boys BB practice at lunch hour
  • Senior Boys BB HOME game vs. St. Francois at 3:10pm

Friday, February 16

  • Senior Girls BB practice at lunch hour