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St. Anne Catholic School

1000 The Rapids Parkway
Sarnia, Ontario N7S 6K3

Phone: (519) 542-2710 Fax: (519) 542-6457

Bell Times

Start 8:45am
Break 1 10:25am - 11:05am
Break 2 12:45pm - 1:25pm
Dismissal 3:05pm
To Report an Absence
please call (519) 542-2710.
We are in School Bus Zone 2


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Learning at Home

Our School is Named after St. AnneOur School is Named after St. Anne

Scripture does not tell us anything about the parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Tradition tells us that their names were Joachim and Anne. The name Anne means "grace", while Joachim means "the Lord will judge". Tradition also says that Joachim and Anne took their daughter to the Temple in Jerusalem when she was very young. They understood that Mary was a very special child, so they dedicated her to God.

We do know that Joachim and Anne have been honoured in the church from early Christian times. By looking at Mary, their child, we can figure out several things about them. They must have set the example that Mary followed to become the loving, gentle, faith-filled, courageous woman she was- the perfect woman to bear and raise the Son of God.

Whether or not Joachim and Anne are the real names of Mary's parents, the couple were holy. Heroic ones who faithfully prepared for the coming of the Messiah.

Because Joachim and Anne were the grandparents of Jesus, they are the patrons of grandparents.

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The St. Clair Catholic District School Board is committed to allowing our communities to use our schools for their events. For more information, click below to access the website for this program.

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