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What is it?
  • An initiative where anyone in your school community can nominate a staff and student member who they feel is kind, inclusive and acts like Jesus’ disciple
How is it done?
  • It is recommended that nominees are not chosen by a small group but rather anonymously nominated by an individual in the school community (this is the most fair and democratic process). How your school decides to nominate people will be determined by the wellness committee and principal.  One suggestion is to put a box in a space in the school/office for all school community members to view and place their nomination ballots.
  • At the end of the month, your school will recognize each person nominated by giving them a “disciples in the hallway” certificate.
  • Schools up to 250 students will send 1 nomination in for staff and 1 for student
  • Schools with over 250 students will send in 2 nominations for staff and 2 for students
  • Secondary schools will send 4  nominations in for staff and 4 for students
  • Nominations will be submitted via the following links:
When are nominations due?
  • Nominations must be submitted online for the 25th of each month
How does recognition occur?
  • Draws will be held the first Monday of each month. Winners will be posted to the website and they will be contacted to arrange for their free family/caregiver dinner. The Superintendent and Director of Education will announce the winners each month.
Ideas for Schools/Workplaces/Wellness Committees:
  • Schools may want students to “take a pledge” to be Jesus like and dedicate a spot in hallway for pledge forms to be placed; pictures of winners could also be posted there
  • Place a box in a space in school for all school community members to place ballots for nominations
  • Each nominee will be provided a certificate and given recognition on their own school web site.
  • Posters should be hung around the school to promote the event and announcements be developed by the wellness committee


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