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Thursday, April 21st, 2022

UCC Cares Club will not be gathering after school today. Stay tuned for upcoming projects and meetings.

The Junior boys and girls played against some strong players in Dresden last night during their badminton tournament. Girls doubles placed both first and fourth place, congratulations to Victoria C, Brooke R, Rowan G and Julia C. Isiah D and Lucas T placed second in boys doubles against McGregor, Tom B and Adam V placed fifth. Our mixed doubles teams of Taya L, Jack G, Everett P and Chloe V placed fourth and fifth. Avery S placed third for girls singles, and Brock M placed second for boys singles. Luke K played some excellent games in boys singles as well. Fantastic job lancers, see you at the LKSSAA finals!

Edge photography will be at UCC Monday to take all UCC Athletic Team pictures from all seasons. A schedule will be posted in the halls and coaches will likely touch base with team members. Pictures will be taken in team uniforms so if you require any additional items please remember to bring them.

Last chance for anyone interested in Military Co-op to sign up using the QR Code found on the Student Information Board in the main hallway. Please sign up by the end of this week.


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