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Students at St. Matthew Catholic School in Sarnia are the first elementary students in Canada to experience a visit by the Labourers' International Union of North America, as they explore careers in the trades.

The visit was an opportunity for Grade 7 and 8 students to learn more about potential future pathways, specifically in the skilled trades sector, through some unique and exciting hands-on activities and in-class learning.

Members of the training staff from LiUNA Local 1089 in Sarnia brought their state-of-the-art mobile tech trailer to the school.  LiUNA staff spoke to all of the intermediate students about the potential benefits of pursuing a career in the trades.  Parents were also invited to attend.

The majority of the visit was devoted to leading students through a series of hands-on activities, such as cement finishing and surveying, which gave them a taste of some of the many jobs in the field.

With the assistance of St. Clair Catholic's Pathways Team, the students also had a chance to learn more about the steps involved in seeking a career in the trades, including preferred high school electives and cooperative opportunities.

Students also worked together to use real-world mathematics related to the activities they completed - a demonstration that jobs in the trades are "minds-on" as well as "hands-on."

Thanks to the tremendous LiUNA partnership with St. Clair Catholic, the mobile training centre will be visiting more Catholic schools throughout the year.

Oct 31, 2019


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