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Three St. Clair Catholic students recently participated in the Lambton County Science Fair. Cyndi Rayson us a Grade 3 student at St. Anne Catholic School in Sarnia.  Her project Does Eco-Friendly Soap Lye? received several awards winning her a week at Western Engineering Summer Camp.

Annabelle Rayson, a Grade 8 student at St. Anne, also took home several awards with her project De-Icer Distillery: An Innovative & Environmental Approach to Road Safety.  Annabelle will advance to the Canada-wide Science Fair in Fredericton, New Brunswick in May. 

She will be joined by St. Patrick's Catholic High School students Kendra and Kiran Prasad, who won a number of awards including the Enbridge Senior Gold Award, for their project RoboElbo:  Innovative Powered Elbow for Brachial Plexus Injury.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2019 Lambton County Science Fair!

In the photos are (top) Cyndi Rayson; (middle) Annabelle Rayson, both students at St. Anne Catholic School in Sarnia; and (below) Kendra and Kiran Prasad, students at St. Patrick's Catholic High School.

Apr 26, 2019


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