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Orange Shirt Day was recognized with age-appropriate learning opportunities at St. Clair Catholic elementary and secondary schools across the district.  Staff and students welcomed residential schools survivors Geraldine Robertson from Aamjiwnaang First Nation and Sylvia Deleary from Bkejwanong Territory, along with other community partners whose families were impacted by the residential schools system.

The Isaac family from Bkejwanong Territory shared their dad's story of survival and the resilience of their family to maintain their culture and language in spite of the residential schools system.  Lynda Lou Classens from Bkejwanong Public Library shared stories and dramatizations.  Celeste Noah, from Eelunaapee Lahkeewiit shared her family's story and engaged students in hands-on activities.  Blanket Exercises were held with intermediate students, led by Steve Tooshkenig of the Bkejwanong Territory.

The school-wide learning opportunities allowed students to hear stories, as they reflected on the legacy of residential schools and their impacts that are still being felt today.  Representatives from TJ Stables told students stories about the Anishinaabe Spirit Horses and schools and classrooms across the district came together in unity and friendship with drumming and dance demonstrations by White Lightning Clark, Dan Deleary, Hunter Shipman, Raymond Sugarhead and the Isaac family.

Oct 11, 2019


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