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Does Social Media Impact Children's Mental Wellbeing?

As parents, we can take some simple steps to learn more about the impact that social media has on children's mental wellbeing......Click to read full flyer

JANUARY 15, 2018

Dear Fighting Irish Parents and Guardians,

Please click below for information regarding Staples partnering with the St. Clair Catholic School Board to introduce their BRING YOUR OWN DEVICE PROGRAM (BYOD).

Thank you


BYOD update:

Effective this school year, every secondary student has been provided automatic access to the Student BYOD Network. This means that permission forms are no longer required to obtain access. 

With that access comes expectations and responsibilities. I would ask that you review the attached poster with your child, which outlines student responsibilities as a Digital Citizen. 

If you would like your child not to have BYOD access within the school, please contact Mrs. Wagner and access will be turned off. 

Please be aware that permission to have a device in class and to access the network during class is at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

Student Responsibility as Digital Citizens & Use of BYOD

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