St. Patrick's Catholic High School

1001 The Rapids Parkway
Sarnia, Ontario N7S 6K2

Phone: 519-332-3976 Fax: 519-383-7024




Cicchelli, Rob - Principal  20405
Blair, Cynthia - Vice Principal (A to G)  20407
Moffat-Sharpe, Erin - Vice Principal (H to O)  20404
Torti, Frank - Vice Prinicipal (P to Z)  20406
Teaching Staff    
Abbott, Matt - DH Technology  20800
Abma, John  20866
Adams, Julie  20818
Adams, Mike  20815
Addario, Lillianna 20807
Altaf, Rahat  20824
Austin, Martina  20887
Borody, Vanessa  20820
Bristo, Mike 20895
Browne, Mike  20806
Bryce, Joan  20809
Bryce, Steve 20821
Burke, John  20801
Camara, Victor  20810
Canino, Henri 20808
Caruso, Lori  20802
Chaulk, Denise  20878
Cicchini, Laura 20822
Cocozzoli, Jessica
Coene, Chad - OECTA
Colussi, Kate  20805
Cooper, Emma  20830
Cruz, Juan  20877
Culverhouse, Kathy  20892
D'Andrea, Bruno  20883
Davies, Ted  20814
Davis, Ann - School Within a College Teacher (SWAC) 226-402-3889
Dempsey, Christian  20816
Dempsey, Sarah  20840
DiBritia, Andrea  20875
DiBrita, Nick  20871
Eagleson, Megan 20880
Ellis-Woodward, Megan 20894
Elsley, Dave - DH Social Studies  20813
Frais, Candice  20847
Garrett, Eliza 20870
Giampietri, Marc  20852
Goetz, Ben 20872
Goetz, Kelly 20873
Gordon, Kelly  20804
Gouveia, Natalie  20822
Gouveia, Roy  20827
Greenwood, Marc  20803
Hayter, Julie 20881
Howson, Dave - DH Business/Co-Op  20829
Kells, Danielle  20842
Kelly, Catherine  20850
Kirchmair, Christine - DH Mathematics  20819
Kohlmeier, Kristin 20863
Lange, Kelly  20831
Laucke, Karen  20832
Lobsinger, Karoline - DH Arts 20854
Majeski, Jamie  20839
Mathieson, Stephanie  20826
Meza, Sarah  20896
Moore, Allyson  20837
Morrison, Blake  20838
Morrison, Cindy - DH Physical Education  20856
Mottram, Dave - Step Forward 20450
Mrnik, Miriam 20857
Mullen, Maggie 20860
Oana, Daniela 20889
Pagotto, Henry  20835
Parco, Jeff  20841
Parizeau, Tim  20851
Parker, Melissa 20849
Petrocco, Tony  20843
Petrucci, Dino - DH Religion  20867
Portelance, Daniel  20823
Power, Kevin  20858
Prudom, Richard  20876
Rapaich, Colleen 20899
Reid, Bill  20834
Roby, Brenda  20855
Santos, Nathaniel 20893
Snider, Brian  20844
Stewart, Jay - Pathways Teacher 20416
Stewart, Kristie  20891
Stoesser, Chris - DH English  20853
Stonehouse, Mary  20859
Taraborrelli, Carole - DH Languages  20868
Teft, Nathan  20861
Vandenberg, Rhonda 20885
Van Hemmen, Maurice  20825
VanDinther, Joe  20888
Voisey, Mike 20898
Walicki, Rob - DH Assistant Technology  20846
Webb-Coene, Carrie - DH Special Education 20874
Whitcombe, Tracey  20848
Yurkewich, Diane - DH Science/Student Success  ext:20418 voicemail:20872
Coene, Chad - OECTA President
Guidance Counsellors - Student Services    
Braekevelt, Brett - A to G 20413
Hubbard, Judy - H to O (Department Head) 20408
Theresa Dizon- P to Z 20409
Stewart, Jay / Pathways Teacher 20416
Gray, Lori - Administrative Assistant  20410
Administrative Assistants    
McLean, Wendy - Account  20402
Pamenter, Kelly - Attendance  20411
Bradley, Maureen - Main Office  20401
Wagner, Lindy - Main Office  20403
Durnez, Sandee - Main Office 20400
Library Technician    
Scott, Kaitlyn 20640
Cole, Linda
Computer Technician    
Couture, Denis 20420
Mental Health Nurse    
Zoccano, Linda 20414  
Youth Counsellor    
Ducharme, Lynne  20415
Spowart, Joe (Full Day Wednesday)
Palko, Joseph  20417
Educational Assistance 20844  
D'Angela, Sue    
Weed, Lisa    
McMullen, Leigh Ann    
McNair, Barb    
Blair, Bonnie    
Bolton, David    
Clement, Patty    
Duchesne, Beth    
Kaldeway, Kim    
Dolbear, Graham    
Manning, Willi    
Williams, Michele    
Crombeen, Dale    
Cafeteria - Aramark    
Tomlinson, Karen  20612  
Callaghan, Bobbie-Ann    
Sexton, Lynn    
Custodians 20655  
McCartney, Wendy
Larocque, Dan
Kulig, Henry    
Spencer, Debra    
Spadafora, Maria    
Giorgi, Antonella    
Vandecaveye, Brian    
McCann, Maggie    
School Store 20110  


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All students must have signed consent in order to have their photo for the yearbook, projects, achievements, activities, plays, athletics and presentations being photographed or recorded on school property. 


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A reminder to all parents in our school community that we will require your email address and consent to communicate electronically with you for any activities that include an exchange of money for goods or services (i.e. year book, graduation, activities etc.).   Please visit the following web site in order provide your consent.

Provincial Regulations

which govern drinking water in schools and child care centre

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TICKS may be in our area, and for that reason, we have attached an information sheet that should be reviewed with your child.

Information Sheet

Bullying Prevention Plan for Safe and Mentally Healthy Schools