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There is a volunteer opportunity for students to prepare and serve the mid-day meal to approximately 100 clients at The Inn of the Good Shepherd on Monday March 23rd. Permission forms are available from Mrs. Clarke in the Chaplaincy Office and must be returned by Friday this week because March 23rd is our first day back to school after March Break. See our chaplain Mrs. Clarke for more details.  

Attention all knitters!

Just a reminder that Knitting Club meets after school today

Have you made a difference in our community?  Have you inspired others?  Do you display resiliency in the face of challenges?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider applying for the YMCA Celebration of Youth Awards.  The due date for applications is March 22; more information can be found on the St. Pat's website.  What would you do with $1000?

Now over to a cyclone aid video 

A message from the Green Team: 

Thank you for getting all cozy and comfy to stay warm while we lowered the school's temperature for Cozy Sweater Day yesterday!!

We are awaiting the school energy reports and a total on our World Wildlife Fund donations. The cozy sweater homeroom winners will be announced Friday morning!  In the meantime, your energy fast doesn't stop there! 

Turning down the heat is just ONE way to reduce our energy consumption- check out this quick video with more energy saving tips we can use every day at home and at school to have a positive impact on the environment. 

Fanshawe College and Western University will be hosting Open Houses for interested students this Saturday March 14.  Students are encouraged to preregister for chances to win prizes, including tuition subsidies.   More information can be found on the St. Pat's website.

The art club meeting will be cancelled today. We will meet again after the break.

For all boys who have signed up for the junior boy’s hockey tournament - there is a brief mandatory meeting today at the start of junior lunch in Mr. Morrison's classroom.

Important announcement for everyone involved in the morning broadcast and tech team, Please meet in Mr. Walicki’s room (rm 135) TODAY during third period (the last period of the day)

Thursday, March 12, 2020 8:28:00 AM
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A reminder to all parents in our school community that we will require your email address and consent to communicate electronically with you for any activities that include an exchange of money for goods or services (i.e. year book, graduation, activities etc.).   Please visit the following web site in order provide your consent.


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