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Senator Marty Deacon recently spoke to students at St. Patrick's Catholic High School.  It is the second visit by a Canadian Senator in two years, organized by teacher Blake Morrison as part of a Senate youth outreach program.

"The outreach program is a terrific resource for students," says Mr. Morrison.  "I am so appreciative that last year Senator Michael MacDonald and now Senator Marty Deacon have taken the time out of their busy schedules to share their insights about the Canadian Senate with our students."

Senator Deacon was an educator for 35 years and also served as an Olympic and Commonwealth Games badminton coach for more than two decades, when she was appointed to the Senate in February 2018.

She talked to students about the work of the Senate to review government legislation and offer amendments before it becomes law.  She also spoke about the importance of representing all of the country's different regions.

The Senate Chamber in Parliament's Centre block is currently being renovated - a process that could take up to ten years.  In the meantime, the Senate is meeting in a former Ottawa train station, pictures of which Senator Deacon shared with the students.

The Senator told students that in 1974 she attended her first national badminton championship in Ottawa and the group didn't have money to stay in a hotel, so they slept on benches in the train station.  Now, many years later, she finds herself returning to that same building - but this time as a Senator!

In the photo above Senator Marty Deacon speaks to students at St. Patrick's Catholic High School, Sarnia.

May 17, 2019


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