St. Clair CDS Board


Operational Review

This report available via the link below details the findings and recommendations of the Operational Review of St.Clair Catholic District School Board (the school board or SCCDSB) conducted by the Operational Review Team composed of external consultants from PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Ministry of Education staff. The Operational Review was conducted over three days beginning February 23, 2010.

The Ministry plans to perform Operational Reviews of the 72 district school boards across the province. The initiative supports Ministry goals and will increase confidence in public education. The Ministry’s goal is to enhance management capacity within school boards by encouraging good stewardship of public resources and by the leveraging and sharing of leading practices. By identifying opportunities for continual improvement, school board administration and operations will be aligned to support the government’s highest priority: student achievement.

 The Operational Review Team reviewed the school board’s operations in four functional areas: Governance and School Board Administration; Human Resource Management and School Staffing/Allocation; Financial Management and School Operations and Facilities Management. The purpose of this was to assess the extent to which the school board has implemented the leading practices set out in the “Operational Review Guide for Ontario School Boards”.

Operational Review Report