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Kindness is Celebrated at Schools Across the St. Clair District

Nov 25, 2019

Kindness!  That's been a focus this year at Catholic schools across the St. Clair district, with a particular emphasis during Ontario's Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week.

At Georges P. Vanier Catholic School students and staff celebrated 'Wear Your Bright Colours and Let Your Kindness Shine Through Week!'  Students were not only encouraged to wear bright colours, but to smile 'brightly' and pass on acts of kindness to each other.  Throughout the week, School Safety Team members and all staff were given 'Kindness Tickets' to hand out to anyone they saw being kind to others.




The school's motto for the year is Kindness is Contagious - Pass it On!

At Christ The King Catholic School in Wallaceburg, students celebrate Thoughtful Thursdays, by honouring students who have been especially kind.

In the photos, (above left) students at Georges P. Vanier Catholic School in Chatham participate in 'Wear Your Bright Colours and let your Kindness Shine Through Week' and (right) students at Christ The King Catholic School, Wallaceburg celebrate 'Thoughtful Thursdays.'


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