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Throughout the year, the Grade 7 and 8 classes at St. Matthew Catholic School participated in the planning and design of structures for the school yard in partnership with Youth Fusion.

Youth Fusion is a charity that works with schools to develop hands-on, real-world experiences for students.  The organization worked with students and their teachers at St. Matthew to build a gaga ball pit, garden boxes and benches for the school yard.

"This was an amazing experience for our students," says Mark Renaud, Principal of St. Matthew Catholic School.  "They had fun and learned a great deal at the same time."

The students were also rewarded for their work.  At a Youth Fusion Education Festival in May, the students won the Judges Choice Award for their project.

A special celebration was held at the school last Friday, when parents were invited to the school to watch a gaga ball tournament and enjoy a garden picnic.

In the photo (above) with students are (back row L-R) Mark Renaud, Principal; Amanda Stewardson, Teacher; Emma Frankling, Youth Fusion Coordinator; Rob Harding, Teacher; and Danielle Karlsson, Teacher and (right) some of the school yard garden boxes built by students.


Jun 03, 2019


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