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The Financial Services department is responsible for the development and administration of policies to allocate financial resources to support learning for all students.

The Financial Services department consists of the following operating divisions:

Finance & Budget

Finance and Budget is responsible for the preparation and administration of the annual school board budget, financial statement audit and government reporting. Additionally this division manages short and long-term financing, banking services, and internal review of school funds.


Accounting is responsible for processing and payment of supplier invoices, payment requisitions and expense reports. As well, accounting manages accounts receivable billing, cash receipts and deposits. Accounting also prepares internal financial statements and external government reports.

Payroll & Benefits

Payroll & Benefits is responsible for coordinating all aspects of payroll. Payroll staff ensure the administration of employees' pension plans, prepares applicable government reports, remits deductions, dues and premiums to external agencies.


Contact Information

Finance: Phone: 519-627-6762, ext 10313
Accounts Payable: Phone: 519-627-6762, ext 10413 or Email accounts.payable@st-clair.net
Benefits: Phone: 519-627-6762, ext 10363
Payroll: Phone: 519-627-6762, ext 10414/10396
Fax: 519-627-8283 (for all divisions of Finance listed above)

Contact Financial Services Department

Mail to: St. Clair Catholic District School Board
c/o Financial Services Department
420 Creek Street Wallaceburg ON N8A 4C4