SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAMS – No commitment to the Armed Forces 

All opportunities below are paid positions   Raven Program

The Canadian Armed Forces requires students interested in the RAVEN, BLACK BEAR or ALOY programs to voluntarily self-identify as First Nation, Metis or Inuit (FNMI). 

The Canadian Forces offer two Summer Training Programs that combine military lifestyle with cultural awareness - Raven and Black Bear. These six-week long programs give you a taste of military training with the option - but no commitment - to join the Canadian Forces. The training is based on the Army Reserve Basic Military Qualification and is taught by military instructors. Subjects include General Military Knowledge, Weapons Handling, Navigation, First Aid, Drill, and Survival Skills.

Both Summer Training Programs begin with a 4 day Culture Camp. The camp is designed to ease the transition from civilian to military lifestyle, and focuses on common spiritual beliefs. All Culture Camps are conducted by Elders of different First Nations and Aboriginal groups.

  • RAVEN is the Navy’s summer program for Aboriginal Peoples from across Canada. Participants train in Esquimalt, British Columbia.
  • BLACK BEAR is an Army training program for Aboriginal Peoples from across Canada that takes place in Oromocto, New Brunswick.

We arrange your travel to and from the program, living accommodations, food, clothing and all equipment. While you are in the program you are temporarily a Canadian Forces member and are paid around $3,500 for completing the full six weeks.

To qualify for the summer training programs, you must have completed at least Grade 10 (15 credits) and be 16 years of age when you apply.

Applications are due by the end of March so that all the arrangements can be made for the beginning of the programs in July.  Candidates undergo the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test, a medical, a physical fitness test and an interview before final acceptance.



The Aboriginal Leadership Opportunities Year (ALOY) gives you a highly positive, productive, one-year educational and leadership experience through the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC) in Kingston, Ontario. The ALOY program includes sports, field trips, leadership development, military training, cultural support activities, and individual learning plans. Through these learning plans, you take part in individual and small group tutorials for pre-university (non-credit) and first-year university courses.

As part of the program, you are enrolled in the Canadian Forces for one year as an Officer Cadet and receive free tuition and books at Royal Military College. You may request to leave the program at any point in the year. At the end of the year, you may apply to continue at RMC in a degree program through either the Regular Officer Training Program or the Reserve Entry Training Plan.

To apply for the ALOY program you must have completed Grade 12 (30 credits).  Applications are due February 15 so that all the arrangements can be made for the beginning of the school year in September. In addition to filling out the online application, you must also submit the ALOY enrolment form.

MILITARY CO-OP – 2nd Semester only - for students entering the Military after graduation

This program is open to ALL co-op students who are considering full time or reserve enrolment into the Canadian Armed Forces.           

Some Regiment offices offer a 4 credit military co-op opportunity to local school boards.  This is mainly for graduating students who plan to enter into the Armed Forces either full time or as a Reservist member.  After completing the co-op portion from February to June, most students join a Reservist unit and continue on in the summer to complete their Basic Training Qualifications courses.  See your co-op teacher for details.

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