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I’m sure your wondering what is Chaplaincy? You may have heard the word in different Catholic settings as a Chaplain can serve in Churches, Schools, Hospitals, and even with the Army. However, the Ursuline College’s Chaplaincy Department is primarily concerned with all members of our school community. Moreover, chaplaincy is not necessarily a department, a person, or a place. Chaplaincy lives within each one of us, just like the Universal Church. It is a community of believers working together on becoming the image and likeness of God. So, naturally we should be saying who is Chaplaincy? Well, it’s her, him, me, and you!

There are four words that can define the role of a Secondary School Chaplaincy Department. 

-              Serves the whole school community of students, staff, and parents

-              Seeks an increase in the Christian faith-life for all.

-              Sacramental in its nature and its goal.

-              Shaped by the educational setting in which it is carried out.