St. Patrick's Catholic High School

1001 The Rapids Parkway
Sarnia, Ontario N7S 6K2

Phone: 519-332-3976 Fax: 519-383-7024

Student Support Teams: St. Patrick’s Catholic High School:

At St. Patricks CHS we work as a team to support student needs. Alongside classroom teachers, all students have the support of an administrator, guidance counsellor and if required, a special education teacher established by your child’s last name.  Please see below who your child will be receiving support and guidance from.

Student Last Name


Guidance Councillor

Special Education Teacher

A to G

Mrs. K. Lobsinger

X 20407

Mr. B. Braekevelt

X 20413

Mrs. S. Meza

X 20896

H to O

Mrs. E. Moffat Sharpe

X 20404

Mrs. D. Kells

X 20408

Mrs. J. Matthews

X 20874

P to Z

Mrs. Tamara Johnson

X 20406

Mrs. T. Dizon

X 20409

Mrs. A. Johnston


We are also fortunate to have additional support staff who also work alongside classroom teachers in providing assistance in areas related to faith, achievement, social and emotional needs.  Please see below who you or your child can reach out to for support.

Virtual Guidance Counsellor: Mr. J. Stewart X 20416

Chaplaincy Lead: Mrs. Ann Clarke X 20417

Student Social Worker: Mr. Dave Ostropolec X 10835

Mental Health and Addictions Nurse: Mrs. L. Zoccano X 20414

School Within a College Teacher: Mrs. A. Davis   226-402-3889

Step Forward Program Teacher: Mr. B. Snider X 20835

Student Achievement Teacher: 

Student Success Teacher: Mrs. D. Yurkewich X 20418

Student Numeracy Teacher: Mr. J. Majeski X 20839