St. Patrick's Catholic High School

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Sarnia, Ontario N7S 6K2

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Four smiling students stand in St. Patrick's Catholic High School in front of the elementary feeder schools' banners.

Welcome to
St. Patrick's Catholic High School!

"It's a bigger school so there's lots of opportunities to make new friends. You're never going to be alone. There's so many people you can meet that will have your same personality. You can just turn to anybody and say 'Hey, do you want to be friends?'"
- St. Patrick's Student



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"There's also really great support staff at the school. If you ever need to just get something out of your system there's a lot of great people that you could talk to."
- St. Patrick's Student

Several people watch as two climbers scale a vertical wall.


Transitioning to life at St. Pat's

Link Leaders

To support elementary students in the transition to secondary school, St. Patrick's is proud to offer a LINK program to support students from the first day of school.  This will provide grade 9 students with senior student mentors who they will meet during the Link Orientation day before school begins, and be supported by throughout  the year through various large group activities, as well as through individual support as needed.

Muskoka Woods

At St. Patrick's Catholic High School we provide our elementary and secondary  students with the opportunity for leadership experiences and the development of cooperative skills. We promote the awareness and importance of youth participation in outdoor recreational activities. We provide all students with the opportunity for personal growth and confidence building in an accepting, respect filled and emotionally safe environment.  We emphasize positive encouragement, respect, and challenging by choice.  We create a Catholic environment that is supportive, encouraging and that challenges students and staff to “do their best”.  This environment also allows our elementary and secondary students to get to know each other, and model leadership for each other.

Learn more about  Muskoka Woods

Student Support Services

Our students' wellness is incredibly important. St. Patrick's is staffed with caring adults, and boasts a diverse team of specialists (Student Success teachers, Program Resource teachers, Pathways teachers, Youth Workers, Guidance counselors, Mental Health and Addiction Nurses) who offer assistance to students. 

Academic Excellence

An image of the hallway passing through the library.

As the largest school in the county, SPHS is proud to offer the widest range of face to face programming for our secondary students. This means we can support our child in every destination, including: Apprenticeship, College, University & the Workplace. Visit these pages to learn more about our school's course offerings, or the  Co-Op / OYAP / SHSM / Dual Credits programs.

Our secondary panel is extremely proud to hold one of the highest graduation rates in the province. We share even greater pride in our ability to provide a rich, experiential and faith based secondary environment where students are equipped with the 21st century skills that are required for the complex world that awaits them.

Our school is state-of-the-art and we provide opportunities not available at other schools. For example, a group of Grade 11 students used our media labs to create the Eye Was Not There project.

Research has shown that students are more engaged, more motivated to learn and more successful in school when they can connect what they are learning in the classroom to their community and to the world.  Our schools are committed to experiential learning by providing community connected, outside the classroom learning.  We offer job shadowing, Take Our Kids to Work Day, cooperative education programs, dual credit programs with our local colleges, Specialist High Skills Major programs (SHSM) and Ontario Youth Apprenticeship programs as well as individual classroom trips and experiences.  By reflecting on these experiences and applying them to both the curriculum and to themselves, students can begin to research and plan their unique career pathway.

"There's tutoring and lots of things you can use to help you stay on top of your academics and balance sports and school. There's also a late bus so you can easily stay after school and have a ride back to where you live."
- St. Patrick's Student

Extra curricular activities

St. Patrick's also allows our students the widest breadth of opportunities to participate in clubs in the arts, athletics, academics, Catholic social justice, and leadership activities over the course of their high school experience.

The banner on the gymnasium wall reads "Home of the Fighting Irish"
  • Badminton Jr/Sr
  • Boys' Baseball
  • Girls' Basketball Jr/Sr
  • Boys' Basketball Jr/Sr
  • Canoe Trip
  • Cross Country
  • Curling
  • Dragon boat team
  • Fencing
  • Football Jr/Sr
  • Golf
  • Girls' Hockey
  • Boys' Hockey
  • Rowing Club
  • Girls' Rugby Jr/Sr
  • Boys' Rugby Jr/Sr
  • Girls' Soccer Jr/Sr
  • Boys' Soccer Jr/Sr
  • Swim Team
  • Tennis
  • Track & Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Girls' Volleyball Jr/Sr
  • Boys' Volleyball Jr/Sr
  • Girls' Wrestling
  • Boys' Wrestling
An image of some of the equipment in the weight room.

Faith/Social Justice



  • Chaplaincy Team
  • Cyclone Aid
  • Irish Miracle
  • March for Life
  • Safe Accepted and Respected Club
  • Social Justice Club
  • Wellness Committee
  • Art Club
  • Band - Concert
  • Band - Guitar Ensemble
  • Band - Jazz Ensemble
  • Band - Junior
  • Camera Video Film Club
  • Choir
  • Dance team
  • Drama/improv club
  • Movie Club
  • Photography
  • Radio Show
  • Anime Club
  • Book Club
  • Breakfast Club
  • Chess Club
  • Dungeon and Dragons Club
  • French Club/Excursion
  • Imatter
  • Green Team
  • Knitting Club
  • Law Club
  • Link Crew
  • Mathematics Club
  • Prom
  • Reach for the Top
  • Robotics
  • Student Council
  • Yearbook Club

St. Patrick's offers a late bus to students staying after school. View its schedule here.

Welcome to St. Patrick's!

Welcome to St. Patrick’s Catholic High School.  Steeped richly in tradition, not just in the Sarnia/ Lambton area but across the province of Ontario. This is the home of the ‘Fighting Irish’ for we are a school that stands up for what we believe and what we believe rests solidly on our Catholic faith for we abide that we are called to build a safe and inclusive Catholic learning community by living our faith.

We are the staff that fights to educate all of our students. Offering a broad range of classes and classroom experiences, all the staff reaches out to all the students for we are a staff that has as its goal to promote educational achievement and innovation.

We are the Fighting Irish!


Mr. Kehoe, Principal


Questions about becoming a Future Irish? Contact Our Student Services Department and speak with a Guidance Councillor for additional information.
519-332-3976 extension 20410