St. Patrick's


Exam Schedule

Exam Schedule 2019-2020:

Letter to parents and guardians regarding contingencies in the event of bus cancellations or delays during exams

First Semester

January 24th period 1

January 27th period 2

January 28th period 3

January 29th period 4

January 30th extra day if needed due to inclement weather

Second Semester

June 19th period 1

June 22th period 2

June 23rd period 3

June 24th period 4

June 25th extra day if needed due to inclement weather

All exams begin at 8 am

All students must be in full uniform attire to write their exam

There is no access to lockers during exam times

*School Buses will run their regular schedule during exam days

**NO LATE BUS during exam time.


In case of Inclement Weather (Contingency Plan)