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Do you know what colour the star is on the Nunavut flag?

What is the title of the 1941 Disney film about an elephant that could fly? 

What sport is associated with the terms 'pitch, wedge and bunker?

Who is the main character in the "Deathly Hallows" films?

If you know the answer to these questions and are interested in trivia then the Junior Reach for the Top team is for you!

Come to room 152 on Friday, November 8 at junior lunch to join!

All are welcome!

Now Over to a junior boy football video

Dungeons and Dragons is cancelled on Monday Nov 11, due to the staff meeting.

 Next meeting will be  Monday,   Nov 18  in room 229.

Now over to office talk

The Fighting Irish beat the Northern Vikings 48-31 in outstanding fashion last night in the semi final game last night! A hard fought defensive game was presented by the Irish. The Irish play strong and composed throughout the battle!

Top scorers of the night were:

The Irish will travel to Chatham on Saturday afternoon to fight for the LKSSAA Championships!


Now over to a special dance announcement

Boys Basketball try-outs will begin next week. Any boy in grade 10, 11 or 12 interested in playing are asked to be at try-outs Monday Nov 11th at 4pm.  

Try-outs for all grade 9 boys interested in playing will be Wednesday Nov. 13th right after school.

Try-out dates and information are posted on the bulletin board outside the gym.

If you have any questions please see Mr. Teft or any other coaches.

Friday, November 8, 2019 9:56:00 AM
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