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Attention GAH Families  - First, thank you to Mme Owen and M Caron for organizing a great Terry Fox Day for our students. It was wonderful to see so many parents of the K and grade 1 students come out and walk with their children. Thank you to parents who looked out for and cared for our wee ones as if they were their own! 

I am sure you have already heard that the students were able to successfully tape M Caron to the wall; he was up there for quite a bit of time until we pulled the bench out from under him. Merci Monsieur!

 Mme Frayne was busy in the office counting money most of the day while still tending to other duties (we thank her for that!); we are so excited to be able to provide the Terry Fox Foundation with our donation for this year and to help keep Terry’s legacy alive!!! Many students were asking who would be the one to receive “lunch on a silver platter” provided by “MOI” and we will determine that once all the money is returned.  We will wait until Wednesday to gather any last minute donations which we will accept with much appreciation.

Some members of our ME/Social Justice Club were busy helping with this event; we were even able to have some motivational dance type music while the primary students walked.  We have a healthy number of students in our WE/Social Justice Club as well as our SWAT (Student Well-being Awareness Team); the students have been enthusiastic and excited to show their leadership in the school.  What great ambassadors for the school they are!  If you can sew or know someone who would offer their sewing skills to the school, please contact the office and speak with Mme Frayne or Mme Leach; the wellness team is looking for someone to make a costume for us (we’ll provide details if you call).  Of course, we would purchase all materials but would appreciate someone donating their admirable sewing skills!

To support well-being and in an effort to provide other offerings to students, beginning in November, we have a wonderful volunteer coming to school every Wednesday at lunch to start a knitting club – she will begin with offering it to our grade 8s and then moving down in grades depending on how many students participate.  I wish to thank “Nana Mary” (Mary Taylor) for generously volunteering her time at our school.  I have seen students start off with a dishcloth and then make some amazing items as their skills develop!!

There has been much research into the benefits of knitting for children, with teachers and doctors noting improvement in:

  • Fine and gross motor skills – the mobility and dexterity required for knitting helps improve brain function
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving – “reading” knitting and fixing problems
  • Persistence – projects take time and patience to complete
  • Focus and attentiveness – knitting can be wholly absorbing and therefore increases the ability to concentrate
  • Well being – knitting is both calming and repetitive
  • Spatial recognition – developing an understanding of how things fit together
  • Builds confidence  – acquiring a new skill and taking satisfaction from having achieved something
  • Self-esteem – learning to knit can be quite difficult, but when children see that they are capable of achieving things themselves and that trying something new   is a rewarding challenge. They start to see that they are creative and imaginative, and this has a huge impact on their self esteem
  • Life enhancement – knitting is a skill that children can return to again and again during their lives. It can be a fun hobby or vital therapy.

Lastly, a reminder that we have a St. Vincent de Paul collection bin at our school. If you are doing some reorganizing and cleaning at home, consider dropping off at school bags of clothing that no longer fit anyone in your household (clothing, snow suits, coats, boots, shoes, etc.) children and adults alike.  As the weather turns cold, we know many families could benefit from our donations.  Items should be clean and free from rips, tears, etc. 

Consider this an ongoing piece to help those who are less fortunate in our own community. 

With great appreciation for your support and generosity,

Mme Mezzatesta