Assignment #5 - Resume


Assignment Specific Objectives Computer

Job Readiness

JR1 created effective résumés, cover letters, and thank-you letters for the work-search process, using
       word-processing software and appropriate vocabulary and conventions

JR5 self-assessment skills

JR6 job-readiness skills


Producing a Resume

This assignment will guide you through the process of creating a resume. The resume is a document that presents suitability for a job by listing your education, work experience and skills.

There are many opinions and ideas of what a resume should look like. The internet is full of these examples. For the purpose of your co-op experience we suggest that you follow a simple resume as outlined in the examples below. If you already have a resume from Careers class or from the summer you may use that version – but be sure to look it over to see if it needs updating.

Resume Fill-In 1 | Resume Fill-In 2

If you are looking for more ideas on how to create a resume for a part-time or summer job you might want to view these resources as well:

Another Resume | Action Verbs | A Note on References